Watermelon Punch by Juice Roll Upz 60ml


Watermelon Punch by Juice Roll Upz 60ml

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Watermelon Punch by Juice Roll Upz 60ml

Juice Roll Upz Watermelon Punch Review

Watermelon Punch ejuice by Juice Roll Upz is one of five fruity candy flavors from Juice Roll Upz. A refreshing burst of sweet watermelon juice with just the right amount of tangy after kick.

Candy lovers who look for a more substantial flavor base won't be disappointed with this consistent, full flavored caddied eliquid.

While you inhale Juice Roll Upz Watermelon Punch, the flavor of sweet watermelon punch makes your sweet tooth sing. While you exhale the the candied fruity watermelon makes your taste buds smile.

Juice Roll Upz Watermelon Punch is a vape juice you'll keep vaping till the last drop!

Flavor profile: Watermelon, Candy

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30