Apple Ejuice by Juice Roll Upz 60ml


Apple Ejuice by Juice Roll Upz 60ml

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Apple Ejuice by Juice Roll Upz 60ml

Juice Roll Upz Apple Ejuice Review

A new candy flavor, so realistically sweet that you'll want to lick your fingers after every refill! Juice Roll Upz introduces it's Apple flavor that brings strong sweet and sour flavors together as it recreates the flavor of a tarty Green Apple. Juice Roll Upz Apple Ejuice comes in a 60ml bottle and is great for an all-day vape that doesn't lose that tasty kick.

What does Juice Roll Upz Apple taste like? Apple by Juice Roll Upz provides an incredible taste from the very moment you take your first puff. It tastes just like a real green apple, providing the sweet and tarty taste that you’ve come to know and love. It features a small twist by adding a layer of candied taste, giving you an enhanced version of an authentic green apple. From the first puff to the last, your taste buds will be thrilled with the entire experience. Juice Roll Upz Apple finishes by leaving you with a lingering taste so that you will continue to remember it.

Juice Roll Upz is a popular premium vape juice brand that is stationed in Los Angeles, California, which is known throughout the industry as the premium vape juice hub. The brand quickly gained extraordinary attention for its massive collection of unique flavor concoctions. It also gained some attention for both its quality and satisfying addition of nicotine, which seems to provide smooth vapes with each bottle of its vape juice. The Juice Roll Upz collection is praised for its flavor offerings, which range from fruits to candy flavors. You can explore something as simple as a classic strawberry flavor or something more intense like a blue raspberry cotton candy flavor, which falls in the Carnival Juice Roll Upz Series. There are lots to enjoy from the Juice Roll Upz line of vape juice, which is why it is considered one of the best.

If you crave the taste of green apple and don’t mind a subtle candied twist added to the mix, this mouthwatering Juice Roll Upz Apple blend is just what you are wanting. It is an awesome flavor that we’re sure you will look forward to and call your all-day-vape juice.

Flavor Profile: Green Apple, Candy

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30