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Strawberry Banana by Humble Juice Co 60ml

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Strawberry Banana by Humble Juice Co 60ml

Humble Strawberry Banana Vape Juice Review

If you are a fan of Humble Juice Co, you may remember the unforgettable taste of this special blend. Strawberry Banana (Formerly Donkey Kahn) is a fascinating blend once referred to as Donkey Khan. New name, yet it provides the same trio of flavors you’ve come to know and love throughout the years.

What is Strawberry Banana? The Humble Juice Co Strawberry Banana 60ml is a premium vape juice that provides an extraordinary taste. It combines a delicious flavor combination that has become an all-time favorite. It consists of juicy strawberries and a perfectly ripe banana blended with hints of tropical dragonfruit. It is the perfect flavor concoction, turning you into a true believer of this iconic vape juice brand. Strawberry Banana comes in a 60mL bottle and is available in both 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths to suit your preference.

Humble Juice Co. is a manufacturing company that is based in Southern California. It creates and develops premium vape juice. It has become one of the industry’s go-to brands for delicious expert crafted vape juice that presents a wonderful world of flavors, ranging from fruits to desserts to candies, and more. With a set of iconic flavors, incredible quality, and a vape experience that simply can’t be compared to the rest, there is nothing better than Humble Juice Co.

If you are looking for a lip-smacking trio of flavors that all come together to present a remarkable taste experience, this Strawberry Banana vape juice is the ideal solution. It is an amazing flavor that combines a classic combination for you to call an all-day vape.

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Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Banana, Dragon Fruit

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 80/20