Pachamama Blood Orange 60ml

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Blood Orange by Pachamama 60ml

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Blood Orange by PACHAMAMA 60ml

PACHAMAMA Blood Orange Vape Juice Review

Enjoy a fresh serving of exotic fruits and experience a full spectrum of flavors ranging from sweet to sour with Blood Orange by Pachamama 60ml. Blood Orange consists of slices of dense bananas, blood orange juice, and tangy gooseberries. If you have a knack for citrus with gentle undertones of banana vape juice this fruit flavor will make your taste buds go bananas! 

On inhale your taste buds are going to receive a strong kick from the freshly squeezed blood orange e-juice that will tickle your tongue and make you pucker your lips. In the meantime undertones of gooseberry will keep the sour sensation going and just when you think your taste buds can not take anymore a smooth and full bodied banana tones will emerge on exhale to perfectly tie this flavor together. 

Blood Orange by PACHAMAMA vape juice is a juice that relies on the natrual sweetness of the fruits that create the juice to give it a delectable flavor that keeps you coming back for more. With the reliance on the natural sweetness, these juices don't have a intense sweet flavor that you can get tired of, instead, the flavor is a refreshing brush of sweetness.No other juices will quench your thirst in a all natural way with flavors that burst like fireworks on the Fourth Of July. 

Blood Orange by PACHAMAMA 60ml will be your go to juice at any point. Breathe a breath of fresh air and satisfy your cravings now! Indulge on Blood Orange by PACHAMAMA today!

Flavor Profile: Blood Orange, Banana, Gooseberry

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30