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Fruity Pebbled Cannoli by Holy Cannoli 100ml

Product Description

Fruity Pebbled Cannoli by Holy Cannoli 100ml

Holy Cannoli Fruity Pebbled Cannoli Ejuice Review

Holy Cannoli Fruity Pebbled Cannoli brings you the delightful taste of a traditional cannoli with a twist; fruity cereal. Yes, instead of the standard chocolate chips inside there is fruity cereal. 

As you inhale Holy Cannoli Fruity Pebbled Cannoli, your taste buds will be met with the beloved taste of a cannoli as sweet as can be. This flavor is so spot on you will feel as if you are in the heart of New York at a mom and pop deli. As you exhale, the fruity cereal comes through combining with the taste of a cannoli and bringing you a whole new definition of cannoli that you will never be able to get tired of. 

Holy Cannoli is a vape juice brand that is dedicated to bringing you flavors that you will be able to vape all day long. These vape juices have so much flavor behind them that you won't believe your taste buds. With these vape juices you will say 'holy cannoli' with every puff you take. Holy Cannoli will have you falling in love with every single vape juice of theirs that you try. 

Holy Cannoli Fruity Pebbled Cannoli 100ml is the perfect vape juice for those of you who love traditional flavors with slight twists on them. Don't miss your chance to try your new favorite vape juice today. 

Flavor Profile: Fruity Pebbles, Cannoli

Bottle Size: 100ml