Cereal by Milk King 100ml

Milk King

Cereal by Milk King 100ml

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Cereal by Milk King 100ml

Milk King Cereal E-juice Review

Cereal by Milk King E-juice 100ml is exceptionally rich and creamy, with delightful cereal-flavored vape juice. With its sweet and rich flavor; that’s the glorious blend of fruity cereal bathed in seductively silky milk topped off with whipped cream.

As you inhale Milk King Cereal, your sweet tooth will instantly jump for joy as the taste of sweet milky cereal takes over the palate. With every exhale, smooth and velvety milk balances our flavor profile. This vape juice has perfectly recreated the taste of your favorite fruity cereal in a cold bowl of milk. With just one puff you will have an instant smile on your face! 

DripMore E-Liquids has created a vape juice line for all of you who are addicted to the out of this world milky vape juice flavors. These flavors will have your eyes rolling into the back of your head with every vape juice you try. Milk King is not the only outstanding vape juice line that DripMore has created, they also have Candy King, Cookie King, and many more. 

Milk King Cereal has recreated the taste of fruity cereal in a bowl of milk in the most mind-blowingly accurate way. Indulge on your favorite flavors with Milk King Cereal today!

Flavor Profile: Cereal, Milk

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30