Falling in Reverse by Select Vape Liquids 120ml

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Magic Milk by Select Vape Liquids 120ml

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Magic Milk by Select Vape Liquids 120ml

Select Vape Magic Milk Vape Juice Review

Select Vape Liquids has outdone itself with the recreation of one of your favorite childhood cereal flavors in this crafty blend. Magic Milk (formerly Falling In Reverse - Limited Edition) is a magical combination of flavors that deliver a taste only gained from morning time, or late night, bowls of cereal, and milk. The pastime favorite is packed into a 120mL bottle and oozes with delectable flavor that’s just waiting for you.

Magic Milk by Select Vape Liquids is one of the most popular vape juice flavors on the market. Whether it allows you to revisit your childhood or takes you on a dark path that resembles a club and some half-naked guy dancing, that is to be determined. No matter where you go with this flavor, the experience is priceless; well, the latter could get a little expensive. Anyhow, just close your eyes and imagine a beautiful half-shaded morning, the birds are chirping, and right before your eyes is a bowl of delicious marshmallow cereal covered in silky milk. Now open your eyes. See, it’s magic! A 120mL bottle of tasty cereal vape flavor just waiting for you to explore to no end.

With its foot planted heavily into the soil of Irvine, California, Select Vape Liquids continues to dominate the market with its tasty selection of the “perfect vape juice.” The brand was first launched in 2016 after a partnership with Ruthless Vapors, an Ontario, CA manufacturing company that leads the industry with an assortment of brands under its umbrella and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Since its debut, Select Vape Liquids has captured the tastes of thousands of vapers around the world, presenting quality vape juice and flavors that deliver an exceptional taste.

From the magical creation of an amazing bowl of marshmallow cereal and milk to late-night clubbing, we guarantee you will get some type of magic from this tasty treat of a vape. No matter where the experience leads you, we know that you will appreciate every lasting moment with Magic Milk by Select Vape Liquids.

Flavor Profile: Marshmallow, Cereal, Milk

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 80/20