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Magic Milk by Select Vape Liquids 120ml

Product Description

Magic Milk by Select Vape Liquids 120ml

Select Vape Magic Milk Vape Juice Review

Magic Milk by Select Vape 120ml is that perfect bowl of marshmallow cereal in an e-juice. This e-juice is like going back to your childhood, or this morning, and indulging in a bowl of delicious marshmallow cereal and silky milk. This e-juice is a savory flavor that is sure to please all those breakfast fanatics. This delightful e-liquid is truly beyond belief with its authentic cereal flavor. Falling in Reverse by Select Vape Liquids 120ml provides you with a flavor packed cereal experience all in a 120ml chubby bottle.

On the inhale of Select Vape Magic Milk vape juice your taste buds are hit with that marshmallow flavor. Rushing over next is a cereal flavor that makes it taste like the first bite from a fresh bowl in the mornings. On the exhale, that creamy milk flavor satisfies those taste buds and puts the perfect ending to this e-juice. The silky milk washes down that marshmallow cereal flavor perfectly. The marshmallow flavor is truly authentic and you will be unsure if you are vaping or eating straight from your morning bowl of cereal.

Falling in Reverse by Select Vape Liquids 120ml is a bowl of cereal form those early mornings that you can now enjoy all day long! You can treat yourself to Magic Milk by Select Vape 120ml today. Your taste buds are sure to be pleased with each and every puff with Falling in Reverse by Select Vape Liquids.

Flavor Profile: Marshmallow, Cereal, Milk

Bottle Size: 120ml

VG/PG: 80/20

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