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Creamy Crunch by Humble Juice Co 60ml

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Creamy Crunch by Humble Juice Co 60ml

Humble Juice Co Cream Crunch Vape Juice Review

Continuing to deliver a fascinating collection of the world’s finest vape flavors, Humble Juice Co. has once again thrilled the tastes of thousands of people with its masterful blend known as Creamy Crunch (Formerly American Dream). It is a spectacular concoction that is extremely complex, boasting a cereal blend that provides the taste of milk and oats, and everything that comes along with it.

What is Humble Creamy Crunch? Humble Juice Co. Creamy Crunch is a premium vape juice that provides a thrilling taste you can definitely appreciate. It is a cereal vape flavor that offers the unique taste of milk and oats, and everything that comes along with it, including a side of cream flavor and the classic hint of honey. The name of this vape juice couldn’t be any more precise, as it tastes as if you are enjoying that morning creamy crunch with every draw you take. Humble Juice Co. Creamy Crunch is available in a 60mL bottle and comes in a couple of nicotine strengths to choose from, including 3mg and 6mg.

Based in the vaping hub of Southern California, Humble Juice Co. has become the industry’s premier vape juice brand. It is a large manufacturing company that has been leading the way forward with its unique and incredibly delicious vape juice. It continues to create and develop some of the most popular flavors using its band of expert mixologists, which not only create remarkable flavors but use some of the industry’s finest ingredients to create a quality and very satisfying vaping experience with each bottle. There is truly no one that does it quite like Humble Juice Co.

If you are looking for that morning classic cereal vape, Creamy Crunch by Humble Juice Co. has you covered. It is the perfect combination of milk, oats, cream, and honey, all blended together to create your new favorite vape.

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Flavor Profile: Milk, Oats, Cream, Honey

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 80/20