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Beard Vape Co. 60ml: No. 5

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No.5 by Beard Vape Co.

No.5 by Beard Vape Co. Review

Have you ever been sitting there and out nowhere you get an intense craving for authentic New York cheesecake, topped with the sweetest strawberries you've ever tasted? Well with No.5 60ml by Beard Vape Co. that craving will be easily subdued. 

As you inhale, the first thing you'll taste is the authentic cheesecake flavored vape juice flavor that tastes as if you're sitting in a small New York Cafe indulging on the creamy goodness. As you exhale, the succulent strawberry flavored vape juice flavor mixes with the cheesecake taste to create the genuine cheesecake flavor that you've been craving. No other vape juice has been able to make a vape juice that tastes as if you're actually taking a bite out of cheesecake but Beard Vape Co. did it.

Beard Vape Co. first started in a Nana's Vape Shop. Two brothers and a friend decided that they would make vape juices and let the customers of the vape shop decide on which ones they would make apart of their brand. After making almost 100 flavors, they laid them out on the sample table and watched which ones the customers enjoyed more. A few weeks later they decided on the three most popular flavors and they became the original three flavors of Beard Vape Co.

No.5 by Beard Vape Co. brings you the best tasting cheesecake flavored vape juice on the market. With its accurate flavor you won't be able to put it down once you try it. This succulent flavor is everything you've been dying for and once you have it, it'll become you're all-day-vape. 

Flavor Profile: Strawberries, Cheesecake

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30