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Rainbow Mix by VaporLax Salts 30mL

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Rainbow Mix by VaporLax Salts 30ml

VaporLax Salts Rainbow Mix Vape Juice Review

Recreating your favorite sour, fruity candy flavor, there is nothing more pleasing than Rainbow Mix by VaporLax Salts. It is an outstanding vape juice blend that has been perfected and made into a formulation that you can puff on all day long while enjoying the smooth and satisfying salt nicotine.

What is VaporLax Salts Rainbow Mix vape juice? Rainbow Mix by VaporLax Salts bombards your taste buds with a mixture of flavors that will leave you puzzled, yet pleasantly satisfied with every puff that you take. It is a mixture of fruit flavors and adopts a small pinch of sour flavor, then gets finished off with a candy flavor. It makes for the most dazzling rainbow candy that you are sure to be familiar with. From the first time you inhale, you will be amazed by its candied taste. The exhale will continue to offer the same flavor, yet allows it to linger, urging your taste buds for more and more. Explore Rainbow Mix by VaporLax Salts in a 30mL bottle with strengths of 25mg and 50mg salt nicotine.

VaporLax Salts has a lot to offer with its delicious variety. It is a premium vape juice collection within the VaporLax brand. It uses a special salt nicotine formula that provides a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience while being entangled with a range of expertly crafted flavors that will leave your tastes thoroughly satisfied. It all rests under the umbrella of SC3 LLC, the same parent company behind famed brands, such as Smoking Vapor and MiPod, amongst more. The company was formed in 2010 by CEO Amir Hakak and is now one of the industry's largest vaping brands. VaporLax is just another addition to this big named vape company, which makes it so easy to stand behind.

Rainbow Mix by VaporLax Salts shares a phenomenal flavorsome vape as you experience a recreated rainbow candy flavor. It offers a sweet and sour taste, along with a candied finish that will promote itself to becoming your favorite vape juice blend yet.

Flavor Profile: Sour, Fruit Mix, Candy

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 50/50