Red Mango by SaltBae50 30ml


Red Mango by SaltBae50 30ml

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Nicotine Level:

Nicotine Level

Red Mango by SaltBae50 30ml

SaltBae50 Red Mango Vape Juice Review

Red Mango by SaltBae50 is a salt nicotine based juice made to taste exactly like freshly cut mangoes to give your taste buds the glitz and glamour they deserve. An unbeatable price for an unbeatable flavor.

SaltBae50 crafted this in their laboratory while adding some love and fun, so much to the point that you can almost taste the passion that they put into it. This is made just for people who are sincerely in love with mangoes and their unique sweet flavor.

When vaping on this juice it’s an immediate gush of fresh mangoes on the inhale swarming each taste bud with enticing heavenly flavor. Of course what comes in has to come out, luckily you still taste delicious mangoes on the exhale. Even your room will be slightly mango scented and who in their right mind wouldn’t like that?

Having this as a salt nic juice makes it such a pleasant experience, light smoke but so much flavor. Also remember that salt nicotine vape juice requires a pod system due to it’s high dosage in nicotine. If vaped in a sub ohm tank can be very harmful, pod systems were made specifically for salt nic juice to vape it at a very low wattage.

Flavor Profile: Mango

Bottle Size: 30ml

VG/PG: 70/30