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Strawberry Milk by GLAS Basix Eliquid 60ml

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Strawberry Milk by GLAS Basix Vape Juice 60ml

GLAS Basix Strawberry Milk Vape Juice Review

Sharing the classic taste of strawberry milk, there isn't anything quite this good on the market. Strawberry Milk by GLAS Basix is a brilliantly concocted blend that delivers a strawberry milk flavor unlike you've experienced before. You'll experience a thick, creamy, strawberry flavor that rushes over your taste buds and leaves you thoroughly pleased one puff after the next.

What does GLAS Basix Strawberry Milk taste like? Strawberry Milk by GLAS Basix tastes just like authentic strawberry milk, the only difference is it's in vape form. The taste is thick, satisfying, and will leave you satisfied during and after each puff that you take. It mixes the luscious taste of blended strawberries with the thick, creamy taste of milk. What you're left with is a perfect recreation of your favorite sweet treat beverage and a satisfying dose of nicotine that always hits the spot. GLAS Basix Strawberry Milk is available in a large 60mL bottle and can be enjoyed in three nicotine strength options, which include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

GLAS Basix is a premium vape juice brand and manufacturing company that has developed a large collection of vape juice flavors. It is one of the industry's most reputable vape brands, as it has had a long journey in the world of vapor products. The California-based brand started developing high-end mechanical mods in 2014, and thanks to the successful launch of its products, it ventured into the world of premium vape juice. From there, Glas went on to create vape juice, which consists of their Basix and Badge collections. Glas Basix became the most successful, as it offered a magnificent series of tastes everyone became heavily attracted to, and still to this day people enjoy.

If you are looking for a new tasty vape to add to your collection of favorites that you've built up, Strawberry Milk by GLAS Basix is definitely one to consider. It recreates the taste of a classic strawberry milk flavor, and they've done it better than anyone else on the market. If you love the taste of strawberry milk, you're going to love it in vape form too.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Milk, Cream

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30