Banana Dragon Berry by Cloud Nurdz 100ml


Banana Dragon Berry by Cloud Nurdz 100ml

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Banana Dragon Berry by Cloud Nurdz 100ml

Cloud Nurdz Banana Dragon Berry Vape Juice Review

Explore the depths of flavor and nourishment in this threesome blend that combines bananas, dragon fruits, and strawberries. It's a smooth and enjoyable flavor profile that entangles your taste buds with the perfect symphony of flavors, ultimately creating an all-day vape that you'll want to indulge in any chance that you get.

Banana Dragon Berry by Cloud Nurdz is a premium vape juice that acts as a delectable treat for your taste buds. It's an amazing flavor profile that Cloud Nurdz has created, and it uses a mixture of ripe bananas, an exotic twist of dragon fruits, and juicy red strawberries to create a delicious and delightful taste. The three flavors collide perfectly, creating a unified flavor output that is certainly satisfying each time you take a puff. Banana Dragon Berry comes in a 100mL bottle and nicotine strengths of 0mg and 3mg.

Cloud Nurdz stands out as a top-tier vape brand, renowned for its exceptional assortment of high-quality vape juices meticulously crafted to provide exquisite flavors. Through a fusion of fruit and menthol blends, you'll encounter a diverse range of tastes that surpass anything else on the market. Beyond the captivating flavors, the quality shines through, with each vape juice blend infused with nicotine designed for a truly satisfying experience. Established in 2016 by two industry veterans, Cloud Nurdz was created with the mission to surpass expectations and offer a vaping experience unparalleled by any other brand.

When you're searching for something better, something more flavorful, and something that really hits the spot when vaping, there is no better flavor creation to turn to than Banana Dragon Berry. It's a new and exciting flavor profile that is assembled with the most pleasing flavors to generate just the right taste.

Flavor Profile: Banana, Dragon Fruit, Strawberry

Bottle Size: 100ML

VG/PG: 70/30

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)