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Citrus Breeze by Clapback 100ml

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Citrus Breeze by Clapback 100ml

Clapback Citrus Breeze Vape Juice Review

Generating the most blistering taste, Citrus Breeze by Clapback will surely turn into your most favored flavor yet. It is a delicious vape juice that consists of blood orange and pineapple, creating a mouthwatering vape that will soothe your tastes and leave you mesmerized.

What does Citrus Breeze vape juice taste like? Citrus Breeze by Clapback tastes like a nice refreshing beverage that you'll want to relax with any chance you can. This is a flavor that definitely delivers those summer vibes, and it surely offers the taste of summer as well. Citrus Breeze is an awesome vape juice blend that uses blood orange and pineapple, creating an ideal pairing of flavors that you'll find never grow old. Each bottle of Citrus Breeze vape juice is 100mL in size and consists of the perfect combination of ingredients, including tobacco-free nicotine available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and delicious flavors.

Clapback is a newly released vape brand that consists of premium vape juice. The collection uses a wide variety of flavors, including a unique white peach and iced tea flavor, alongside grape flavor, and many more. The tastes are unbelievable, as they've been perfected using extraordinary ingredients, including tobacco-free nicotine. Clapback is ultimately a collection of vape juice, and it is made by Saveurvape, a popular manufacturing company headquartered in Torrance, California. It is known for creating successful brands, like SVRF E-Liquid, The Standard Vape, Jackson Vape Co, and more.

Citrus Breeze by Clapback is a brilliant vape juice that features the most extraordinary taste. It consists of blood orange and pineapple flavor, creating a delicious pairing that you'll want to puff on every day. From beginning to end, Citrus Breeze will become your go-to vape.

Flavor Profile: Blood Orange, Pineapple

Bottle Size: 100ml

VG/PG: 70/30