Where To Buy Vape Juice PMTA

Where To Buy Vape Juice After PMTA?

Up until the Premarket Tobacco Application, buying vape juice has never been easier. With a galore of brick and mortar stores, on top of a massive amount of online vape stores, buying vape juice has essentially been the same as buying one of your household items. However, some people are wondering if the Food and Drug Administration’s PMTA could prevent them from buying vape juice in the future? We answer that and more in this latest addition to our blog section.

How Does The PMTA Affect Consumers?


Although we would love to share that consumers aren’t going to be affected by the PMTA brands are currently enduring, we can’t. The truth of the matter is that submitting a PMTA will cost brands more than $100,000 for each product, and as unfortunate as it is, that burden is likely to be passed down to consumers in some way or another. One thing is for sure, your access to large collections of vape juice will be gone, as most brands are reducing the number of SKUs. The 100mL bottles you’ve become familiar with will not remain on the market any longer, and most brands will not offer 0mg vape juice, all thanks to the PMTA. Aside from this, you will still have access to vape juice and many of your favorite brands and flavors. Sure, the market will definitely be smaller but it definitely won’t be gone.

What Brands Will Survive The PMTA?

Before the PMTA shenanigans, many of us assumed brands would begin dropping like flies due to the substantial cost. Although many recognized brands fell off the saddle, there were a great number of brands that decided they were in it for the long haul and decided to embark on the PMTA process (kudos to them!). We are thrilled to share that many of your favorite brands are here to stay, such as Kilo, Air Factory, Keep It 100, Twist E-Liquid, Naked 100, Vapetasia, Propaganda, Salt Bae, Skwezed, Charlies Chalk Dust, Yogi E-Liquid, Dinner Lady, Juice Head, 7 Daze, and many more.

Is WCVS Affected by The PMTA and New Vapor Laws?

There are many new vapor laws in place that we must follow in order for us, West Coast Vape Supply (WCVS), to stay compliant. We are, of course, following those laws, staying compliant, but it is a very stringent process that, unfortunately, many online stores will not be able to comply with. As always, we will continue to comply with the latest vapor laws, stock the best vape juice from the best brands, and offer them at the lowest, most competitive prices.

Where Can You Buy Vape Juice After The PMTA?

Buying vape juice after the PMTA is essentially the same as before. With some brands, you may notice that the bottles are smaller, their labels may have changed, and they no longer offer 0mg vape juice. Aside from that, you can continue to buy vape juice online here at West Coast Vape Supply. We remain the industry’s leading vape supplier and will continue to fulfill all of your vaping needs.

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