The Ultra Portable iCare Vape Mod Kit

The iCare and iCare Mini are innovative, small and ultra portable vaping device. The iCare is a new vape mod from Eleaf and it defiantly proves that big things come in small packages. On the first glance you can’t help to notice how tiny this device is. Also you may notice there is no tank sitting on top of this device like most vape mods. That’s because this is designed for the minimalist, because everything is built inside the unit. You don’t have any buttons on this device you just have your drip tip, your micro USB charging port and a clear window to the level of E-liquid. Now in order to fill the tank all you have to do is pop off this mouth piece and you will see three holes on the bottom of your drip tip, the only one you have to worry about right now is the middle one, you want to take that and insert it into the top of the atomizer chimney then just use it as a key and unscrew the atomizer chimney, this is how you will  fill it and switch the vape coil. To replace a coil on this device is very simple you just put about 2 drops of juice directly in the coil and screw it into the bottom of the atomizer chimney. Than fill up your tank to the line you want to make sure not to over fill the device because it will spill out of the top and airflow holes once you put the atomizer back in. Then we would like to recommend that you let it sit for about 5 mins and let the vape coils saturate with the juice because most other devices you can’t take dry pulls from it in order to speed up the priming process. After you feel like it’s primed up you just inhale slowly at first to make sure its saturated then just keep on puffing. The battery life on this unit is surprising very good for how tiny it is because the coils are wrapped at 1.1 ohm. But those little coils put in work, you can actually get a great hit off if this thing for it being so compact, we are used to using 200W vape mods but lately we found ourselves taking the iCare out with me for the day and we are completely satisfied. We recommend going up to the next nicotine level to get that same feeling. There are 3 variations of the Eleaf iCare, we have the original iCare then we have the iCare Mini and lastly the iCare with PCC. Now the only main difference between the 3 units is the battery life. The smallest one of course is going to have less battery life then this bigger one and the iCare with PCC has an external battery pack so you can charge and vape the device while you are on the go. Or you can pull the iCare vape out of the unit and use it by itself if you want to keep it slim. This device is made for the people who are looking for a truly realistic traditional tobacco cigarette hit, or for existing vapers who want something compact and consistent, it competes with the My Von Erl, the MyJet vape mods. You can also use your icare mini like a Delta 8 cart by just adding your special mixes in the device

That about wraps up today's look at the iCare and iCare Mini by Eleaf. Thank you Vaping does not burn tobacco, it rapidly heats up e-liquid to produce pure vapor. The result... No tar, no smoke, no smell. The iCare Vape is Smart and easy to us portable vape device, that easily fits in your pocket! Take anywhere you roam the earth and without any smoke it's easy to enjoy it anywhere; at home, at work, bar, club, or anywhere!

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