Top 5 Salt Vape Juices

Top 5 Salt Vape Juices

Top 5 Salt Vape Juices

What are the top 5 salt nicotine vape juices? These salt nicotine juice come in high concentrates of nicotine which makes them unsuitable for sub-ohm systems. We've tried over 30 flavors from premium vape juice brands and we've compiled this list for you to choose from our top 5 choices.

Our Top 5 Salt Nic Vape Juice

NKD 100 Lava Flow

Lava Flow by NKD 100 Salt and Naked 100

NKD 100 Lava Flow salt nic is the go to juice for anyone's rotation. It's a dependable flavor that give you just enough zing with every hit. With a choice between 35mg and 50mg it has a nicotine level for all of your pod system needs. The sweet strawberry flavor is what makes this juice take the hat. Coconut then combines with the succulent flavor of the strawberry to create the perfect tang. The base of this juice is a pineapple base to leave your taste buds tingling and making this juice your all time favorite!

NKD 100 American Patriots

American Patriots by NKD 100 Salt

American Patriots salt nic is one of the best tobacco flavored juices out there. The bittersweet mixture of tobacco, that will help you kick those cigarette cravings in the butt, and sweet, gooey caramel will be the best thing you've ever tasted. As you inhale that tobacco flavor, that you long for, a divine caramel flavor tangles with the tobacco to sooth your taste buds from the sharp flavor of the tobacco. This juice is available in a 35mg or a 50mg to not only kick those cigarette cravings in the butt, but to kick the nicotine withdrawls in the butt. 

NKD 100 Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze Salt

Brain Freeze salt nic holds true to hits name, because with every hit you take it'll cool your mouth, throat, and brain as if you just chugged a ice cold drink. If cold is your thing this is the juice for you. With its sweet fruit flavors of strawberries, kiwi, and pomegranate, no juice can compare to the sweetness that this juice provides. The fruity flavors mixed with the cooling affect of the menthol is one of the most perfect creations within the vape juice community. As the strawberries, kiwi, and pomegranate salsa around on your taste buds, you feel the soothing aspect of the menthol joining in on the elaborate dance, cooling your throat, and clearing your sinuses.  

Watermelon Punch by Juice Roll Upz

Juice Roll Upz Salt Watermelon

Watermelon Punch salt nic will rock your senses. The candy flavor of the watermelon punch is a authentic flavor that has no awkward after taste. For those of you trying to kick cigarettes and sweets this juice is for you. To find a salt nic juice that is dependable is difficult and to find a dependable juice that isn't obscenely priced is another challenge but this juice covers all your bases for a low price. The sweet watermelon flavor will make you feel as if you just visited your grandma and she gave you one of those hard candies you can only get from here. Arriving to you in a 60ml bottle insures you that you'll have enough to last you all month long.

To conclude all of that vital information about your new favorite salt nic vape juice, there are many premium vape companies getting into the game for salt nic e-juices. Some better than others, and we've gathered this list of our top 5 selection so you won't have to try 30 different salt nicotine juice to narrow down to a couple you may like. Salt nicotine e-liquid is the newest type of vape juice with the highest concentrates of nicotine, that are only meant for a low wattage pod system. Salt Nicotine Juices are the best to get you off of analog cigarettes and into the wonderful world of vaping, try some out today and save!

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