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Top 10 Tobacco Free Nicotine Vape Disposables

Disposables have come a long way, introducing us all to the world of salt nicotine. These devices have evolved even further due to a reformulated blend of pre-filled vape juice. They're called Tobacco Free Nicotine Vape Disposables, and it's the latest craze. These devices allow you to break free from the stringent hold of Big Tobacco, they allow manufacturers to bypass the burdensome hurdles created by the FDA, and it makes it so that products remain easily accessible to you.

Tobacco Free Nicotine Vape Disposables

The market booming with these disposable vaping devices can be daunting for the consumer, and choosing the right vape can be confusing. Which one lasts the longest, which one performs the best, and which one of them is the best tasting? There are lots of questions that arise, so we've created a list of the top 10 tobacco free nicotine vape disposables to make your buying decision-making even easier.

Top 10 Tobacco Free Nicotine Vape Disposables

1. Ignite Disposable Vape

The Ignite Disposable Vape is available in two options, which include the Ignite V15 and the Ignite V25. While both are incredible compact, super portable, and provide delicious tastes, the V15 has a 5.1mL capacity, an 850mAh battery, and can deliver as many as 1500 puffs. The V25 has a heftier 7.5mL capacity with a 1000mAh battery, and offers up to 2500 puffs. The best part about them is that they're made using tobacco free nicotine.

2. I Love Salts Disposable Vape

The I Love Salts Disposable Vape is just as impressive, boasting an extremely portable design. It utilizes mesh coil technology for great performance, perfectly balancing flavor and vapor. It sports a nice 5.5mL capacity and features a large integrated battery, giving you as many as 2200 puffs per device and the most amazingly crafted flavors infused with TFN.

3. Pachamama Synthetic Disposable Vape

The Pachamama Synthetic Disposable Vape, referred to as Pacha Syn, is one of the most anticipated disposable devices of the year, namely because of Pachamama's incredible flavor creations. The device looks very appealing, and comes equipped with an 8mL capacity, a large battery, and a mesh coil to boost its performance. You'll enjoy up to 3000 puffs with as many as 8 tasty flavors using synthetic nicotine.

4. Aloha Sun TFN Disposable Vape

The Aloha Sun TFN Disposable Vape is an amazing little vaping device to use, even if it's temporary. The device, though incredibly compact, has a massive 8mL capacity and a matching battery capacity, ensuring you receive up to 3000 puffs per device. It's filled with the most delicious Hawaiian-inspired flavors and uses tobacco free nicotine to ensure the best vaping experience.

5. Air Factory Air Stix Disposable Vape

Air Factory Air Stix Disposable Vape

The Air Factory Air Stix Disposable Vape looks sharp, and it's built sturdy too. This compact, portable vaping device comes with a 7mL capacity and an integrated 400mAh rechargeable battery that allows you to reach up to 2500 puffs. Known for their flavor creations, Air Factory has developed some of the most lavishing tastes infused with tobacco free nicotine to ensure your satisfaction.

6. Niin Air Disposable Vape

The Niin Air Disposable Vape is an expansion of the Niin brand, boasting a temporary device that is made to deliver ultimate pleasure using nicotine that is free of any tobacco. The Niin Air looks impressive, it's small, and it houses both a large vape juice capacity and battery capacity, providing up to 2000 puffs with the most delicious tastes. It also boasts adjustable bottom airflow control to help thrust its performance.

7. Nord Turbo X Disposable Vape

The Nord Turbo X Disposable Vape may sport a small and easy-to-stow away design but it has a massive 8mL capacity, coupled with a 1000mAh battery, delivering a total of 3000 puffs per unit. With its great looks, an infusion of TFN, and the most fabulous mixture of flavors, this is one vape that we're sure will become a favorite.

8. Mr Fog Max Air Disposable Vape

The Mr Fog Max Air Disposable Vape looks extraordinary, and its body is certainly built to last throughout the many puffs that it offers. While it isn't the smallest disposable on the market, the sacrifice on size is definitely worth it. It comes equipped with an 8mL capacity, it features a built-in 1100mAh battery, it has adjustable airflow control, and to further boost its performance, it even has a mesh coil. With great tastes and an infusion of TFN, this is definitely the device you want.

9. Lucid Disposable Vape

The Lucid Disposable Vape is available in two options to choose from. The Lucid Air has an extraordinary 16.7mL capacity and has an integrated 2200mAh battery, shelling out 5000 puffs per device. The device maintains a compact size and comes pre-filled with delicious flavors, all infused with nicotine free of any traces of tobacco. The Lucid Flow is just as impressive, sharing the same 16.7mL capacity, a 2200mAh battery, and 5000 puffs with tasty flavors and TFN. Other features step the performance up using an equipped adjustable airflow control ring.

10. Loaded Banana Disposable Vape

The Loaded Banana Disposable Vape is one that has everyone talking as of late. While the internal battery and its capacity remain a mystery until more details are released, the 2500 puff count, cool design and Loaded brand name certainly has everyone anticipating the device. The device looks like a banana, and there are three flavors to choose from, all made with a delicious mix of banana flavors and synthetic nicotine.

Honorable Mention

Although we didn't have room for it, the newly released 7 Daze Egge Disposable Vape deserves an honorable mention. This device is incredibly small, making it easy to stow away when not in use. It has an egg-shape, allowing enough room for a 7mL capacity and a 400mAh rechargeable battery, giving way to a impressive 3000 puff count. They're filled with an array of delicious flavors and an infusion of synthetic nicotine, making for the most satisfying vape you've had yet.

If nicotine isn't your thing all together, there are alternative options that many people have considered. Cake makes a variety of disposable devices, however, instead of nicotine in them, they're filled with cannabinoids and terpenes. You can choose from many different disposables, such as the HXC Disposable Vape by Cake, Delta 8 Day Buzz Blend Disposable Vape by Cake, and many more.

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