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How Do You Know When Your Disposable Vape Is Empty?

What's so innovative about a disposable vape is its convenient, maintenance-free design. Having the ability to immediately begin vaping without the worry of filling vape juice, priming coils, or charging batteries is so satisfying. Sadly, the pre-filled and pre-charged device is eventually depleted of everything it has to offer but what many people are wondering is how do you know when that time comes?

Disposable Vape Tips

It's the only part of the device that is puzzling, as oftentimes with most disposable devices, there isn't a vape juice viewing window, nor is there any indication as to the current battery level. Until the innovative minds behind these devices create a more telling device, we've come up with a few tips to share so that you're never left stumped whether your disposable vape is empty or not.

The Design of A Disposable Vape

Knowing the design of a disposable vape can give you an idea as to how long it will last. From its vape juice capacity to the size of its integrated battery are all tell-tell signs that will help you estimate the time you'll have with the device. Factor in the amount you vape per day on average and compare it to the amount of vape juice and battery size to get a rough estimate of how long the device will last you specifically.

Keeping Track of Your Puff Count

As you're well aware, every disposable vape has a average puff count provided by the manufacturer. Although it is a mere estimate, since the duration of each puff can affect the amount of puffs you actually receive, that provided puff count is fairly close. We wouldn't expect you to count every puff that you take throughout the day but for the first time it would be wise to roughly track your puffs so that you'll know with the next device about how many puffs you'll be able to take before the vape juice has depleted.

Choosing Devices That Have Viewing Windows

If you would really like to know when your disposable vape is empty, it's as simple as buying a disposable vape that has a viewing window, like the Hyde Icon Disposable Vape, the Big Boy Mega Disposable Vape, and Tobo Disposable Vape. It is a way that you can always keep track of the amount of vape juice you currently have so that the question never arises and you're never left with a dud of a device during those times when you don't have access to another one.

Satisfaction Not Guaranteed

While your satisfaction may be guaranteed throughout the time using a disposable device, there comes a time when it isn't. When you begin to notice a drop off and your satisfaction has depleted, this is an indicator that your disposable vape is on the verge of being empty. You may notice that there isn't as much flavor, each puff isn't as strong, and the vapor output isn't as voluminous. When this happens, it is time to start preparing for a replacement.

Vape Rule of Thumb: Always Have A Backup

If you haven't already heard it from someone else, there is a long-time vape rule of thumb, and it's to always have a backup. This applies to everything dealing with vaping. From coils to vape juice to disposables, it is wise to keep a backup because you never know what may happen, and you being stranded without a vape is something we don't want. As with any small electronic device, some things can go wrong from the factory or during shipment. Most of these devices are ran through an assembly line, and sometimes quality control can suffer. Unfortunately, you get the bad end of it. To ensure you're never left frustrated, keep a backup disposable on hand. Trust us, there will come a time when you need it.

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