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Mysterious E Juice Review Blog

by Alham Benyameen December 17, 2016

Mysterious E Juice Review Blog

So this the mysterious e juice review for this 2016 Holiday vape juice!

Top 3 Ejuice Review December 2016

1. Phillip Rocke Grande Reserve  “Crème De La Crème”

phillip rocke grand reserve review

Grand Reserve “Crème De La Crème” by Phillip Rocke is hazelnut cream with a douse of Arabica mocha. Crème De La Crème is carefully created by the mastermind Phillip Rocke, Rocke uses brandy barrels for 2 ½ months, before bottling the vape juice. The combination of signature hazelnut cream with Arabica mocha delivers the smoothest vape experiences from beginning to end.Get this one before it's too late! This stuff is just amazing! Right from the get go I thought I wouldn't like it because it's a cream coffee flavor which I typically stay away from, I remember seeing this guy at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas while DJ Tiesto was playing, I thought to myself wow that's Phillip Rocke, famous vape industry mogul and business owner. Well we do both retail and wholesale, the phillip rocke grand reserve wholesale can be purchased here.

2. Crack Pie


Would you like dessert flavor ejuicewith a splash of butter and a heavy pie crust flavor? Well if that sounds delcious, than pickup a bottle of Food Fighter Juice Crack Pie in a 120ml bottle, don't worry it's a good deal and delicious! I use it in my Eleaf iCare Vape device, I consider it in the new Ultra Portable Vape trend happening, and yes it's real, the My Von Erl, Juul, iCare by Eleaf (company is owned by Joyetech which is the pioneer in manufacturing the first vape pen) and the MyJet are all one to consider, they aren't expensive but you really just dont need 180 watt devices or even 40 watt devices, my personal belief in this is the Chinese mastering the American Economy by making devices like this and selling them now globally, the trick is to buy eliquid at higher MG, yes the 6mg and up is all coming back  now! 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and even 24mg! The Juul is known to be about 18mg of ejuice, and the Tobacco Trail Starter Kit starts at a whopping 24mg, Wow! Get ready for more interesting upcoming trends of this industry!


 5. Mr. Meringue Eliquid

This one is succulent lemon flavor is one to consider for a different taste, German made flavoring extract, not your typical flavoring from Capella in San Diego, CA. Charlie's Chalk Dust did an excellent job importing the flavors from the other side of the world, mr meringue is one to consider if you like dessert ejuice.

Thanks for reading my Holiday Reviews.

West Coast Vape Supply!

Alham Benyameen
Alham Benyameen

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