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by Alham Benyameen December 04, 2016

Have you made a switch to the electronic cigarette and vaping? Do you intend to buy vape starter kit? You have come to the right place. At West Coast Vape Supply, we operate the most comprehensive naked vape juice distribution in the country. Having made the decision to buy vaporizers, we have every type of vaporizer for your needs. To appreciate our efforts, read on to find out why we have such a great passion for vaporizers.

Whenever a new product appears on the scene, contrary to what many people imagine, it takes time before making an impact. Even if the product has obvious benefits over its predecessors, most people will be comfortable to wait for the first group of innovators to test the product. Only then will they follow suit and make a lot of noise about the ‘’new’’ product they have discovered. When the electronic cigarette was launched in the US in 2007, it took quite some time before it made any major inroads in the market. For smokers, the benefits of using a vaporizer as opposed to smoking are huge. With the main difference being that on the electronic cigarette, the smoker actually inhales vapor from liquid nicotine as opposed to smoke from tobacco. Fortunately, many people have now accepted the great advantages that come with an electronic cigarette smoking. At West Coast Vape Supply, we have taken the initiative to source all the leading products and make them available for you in our vape store. If you are a reseller you can buy from us on wholesale and if you are an individual you can still purchase directly from us.

Most users of the vape are saying they feel much better than they were when smoking. They have also reported being able to stop direct smoking in favor of the vaping experience. Apart from these reasons, there are other benefits you should consider which include;

-Electronic cigarettes and vaping do not have the distinctive odor associated with smoking. This is such an important advantage because you can now indulge in your favorite pastime without offending social norms. If you are a non-smoker you must have experienced the powerful and sometimes repelling odor that smokers carry in to a room. The e-cigarette will free you from this unfortunate situation.

-With electronic cigarettes being free of the punitive taxes levied on the traditional cigarettes, they are much cheaper. In these tough economic times turning to e-cigarettes will not only be a healthier move, but also one that benefits your pocket.

-The most important reason to turn to vaping is the fact that you avoid most of the toxins associated with smoke. Many studies have shown that direct smoking puts you at risk of serious diseases such as lung cancer, stroke and throat cancer among many others. After switching to vaping, a lot of our customers have happy stories to tell. Many have reported feeling much healthier and stronger after the big switch.

-With society increasingly frowning on smoking, you may want to choose a more acceptable alternative. With all the negative things associated with traditional smoking such as the odor, inconveniencing non-smokers, employers are now taking a tough view of smokers. You can simply avoid all this trouble by shifting from the traditional to the e-cigarette.

To offer you exceptional services, at West Coast Vape Supply, we have put together a team of experienced professional in the fields of economics, internet marketing, electronic cigarettes and finance.

We have in stock all types of vape pens, vape starter kits, cartomizers, atomizers, RDA Vape and all accessories related to vaporizers. Our main target market is the United States and Canada where we supply all these products on wholesale and retail. We welcome you to contact us to take advantage of our vaporizer store. With our focus being on offering reasonable prices, as a retailer you will be guaranteed profits. As an individual looking to buy vaporizer, you can expect a quality product to give you a lot of vaping pleasure.

West Coast Vape Supply
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Alham Benyameen
Alham Benyameen

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