Vape Nights Trade Show Featuring Wide Range of E juice inside ASD Market Week

Electric cigarettes are replacing traditional tobacco cigarettes, and people are buying more vape products. Because of the trending vaping, the demand of ejuice and/or eliquid is increasing. More and more people are trying vaping and they love the experience and this has given the vape industry a great success. People are looking for a decent collection of vape juice and eliquid. May it a retailer, dealer or customer, if you are looking for the best delicious premium vape juice and eliquid brands then West Coast Vape Supply has the best brands available online.  It follows new FDA regulation and it has all GCC ejuice and GCC eliquid.   We operate the most comprehensive vape deals distribution in the country and we have every type of vaporizers  people need for vaping .We just don’t want to be another vape company in the vaping market but want to be the best vape company so that our customer comes to us again and again for our best products and services.

What is GCC?

GCC (general Certificate of Conformity), is a type of certificate where the manufacturer or an importer of ejuice or eliquid certifies that the use of the product is not for children. All US ejuice and eliquid manufacturers must comply and submit the certified document for each product. West Coast Vape Supply sells only that brand that has gcc certificates, as in the wake of new FDA regulations Vape companies who manufactures of brands eliquid or ejuice have to meet new compliance rules from CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) that came into effect on 27th July 2016.

West Coast Vape Supply at Vape Nights Tradeshow Event at ASD Market Place Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV which ends on 3rd august will be offering a wide range of products. The event is timely given the new FDA Regulation the industry is facing.

What is Vape Nights ASD Market Week?   

Vape Nights at ASD Market Week is a Business to business trade show catering only to the vape industry so as to bring the manufacturers and retailers together under one roof. Nearly 45,000 buyers from over 88 countries attend this trade show and the majority of the people come with cash-in-hand to buy the hottest and best products that Vape and E- Cigarette that vape industries have to offer.

 West Coast Vape Supply is taking part in Vape nights Tradeshow to and we are going to feature our vape iOS app and vape Android app at the trade show for the dealers to log in, coming to vape nights to buy our wholesale vape products from our vape apps and website. They can place the order then and there. Dealers can buy any product from our vape app; our app features a varied range of GCC ejuice and GCC eliquid and gives you huge choices in flavors of eliquid and ejuice.

We are also featuring vape ejuice products like -

Pancake Man Ejuice - it is 60ml bottle by Vape Breakfast Classics and the flavor is exactly as it sounds, fluffy pancakes with butter topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and drizzled with maple syrup. Pancake Man Ejuice is best for the people who love pancakes as it will give you the exact taste as a pancake. People can have pancakes now anytime of the day with this pancake mane ejuice

French Dude Ejuice -  it is another best ejuice by Vape Breakfast Classic, it is a 60 ml bottle and it is a unique flavor that is exactly like it sounds.  Freshly grilled French toast with butter, topped with blueberries, whipped cream and a drizzle of maple syrup. The description itself says that it is the best and unique vape ejuice. French Dude Ejuice perfectly taste just like French toast and people who like French toast in their breakfast are surely going to love this French Dude Ejuice

The Cousins Premium Ejuice:  it has 3 flavors - 

  1. Cinna Peach which tastes like Ripe juicy peach with a hint of cinnamon
  2. TFR which has a taste of smooth sweet blend of strawberry, apple, and pineapple
  3. Lulu Ejuice which is a tropical blend of guava and natural tangerine

Along with the above products, we are also featuring Ruthless Vapors Ejuice.   It has over 25 different flavors of vape juice flavors like dessert flavor e juice, fruit flavor, menthol flavor, tobacco flavor, candy flavor and much more and all the flavors are going to leave the unique taste and flavor in your mouth and will give the best vaping experience to people. All the flavors are made up of premium ingredients which will promote good health. The best thing after flavor is its branding it has unique and custom designed labels on bottles which attract people to buy.

So West Coast Vape supply at Vape Nights trade shows offers the dealer with a wide variety of ejuice and eliquid through their vape android app and vape iOS app and hence making the buying procedure an easy one.

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