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How Keep It 100 Has Kept It 100 For Nearly A Decade

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Vaping trends come and go, and unfortunately, so do the brands that empower them. Keep It 100 is one of few that have not only survived, but thrived. It is one of the industry's most iconic vape juice brands and it has managed to stay relevant in a highly competitive, rapidly changing space. There is something to say about the brand, its market-leading product collections, and how it has managed to "keep it 100" for nearly a decade.

Who Is Keep It 100?

Keep It 100 is more than just slang. Although the famed phrase gained its popularity in 2018, the brand was founded in 2014. Since its initial launch, the premium vape juice brand exploded onto the market, boasting larger bottles, better flavors, and more affordable pricing. It gained instant success and has continuously proven itself time and time again.

It's the manufacturing powerhouse behind the brand, however, that has placed it in a position of stardom. Keep It 100 was developed and manufactured by Liquid Labs, a highly experienced manufacturing company headquartered in New Jersey. It has created premium vape juice in its ISO 7-certified clean room and has taken industry standards to the next level.

How Has Keep It 100 Maintained Relevancy?

Keep It 100 has kept it 100 for nearly a decade and maintained its relevancy by never giving up, evolving with the industry instead of trying to be ahead of it, and sticking to its roots. While other brands have pivoted to get ahead of industry trends, Keep It 100 has stuck to its roots, offering the same incredible flavor concoctions that brought its original success.

Customers who enjoyed its premium blends 9 years ago can still experience those same delicious tastes today, including classics like MLOW (formerly Mallow Man) and Blue (formerly Blue Slushie Iced). To keep its brand relevant, it continues to evolve in every that it can, while still maintaining those same extraordinary flavors everyone has relied on for years. From changing its packaging to the informative labels that cover its bottle to the names of its flavors, Keep It 100 is still working to suit its customers wants and needs, even 9 years later.

Explore The Keep It 100 Vape Juice Collection

Keep It 100 Flavors

For those that haven't yet had the privilege to experience its delicious tastes, you can still explore the entire Keep It 100 vape juice collection today. If you were once a customer and have ventured off, those same memorable flavors are still waiting for you to slather your coils with layers of deliciously-crafted vape juice. Take a look at the full list of Keep It 100 flavors available now.

  • BluePartake in an incredible flavor experience that brings together raspberries and blue raspberries. It's an amazing blend that is sure to satisfy your taste buds to the fullest.
  • Iced Blue: Explore a fascinating concoction that will leave you pleased from puff to puff. This amazing flavor creation combines raspberries, blue raspberries, and a ice-cold dose of menthol.
  • Trop BlueThis dazzling vape juice blend becomes an instant favorite with its delicious combination of flavors. It pulls together a variety of flavors, ranging from blue raspberry, sweet strawberry, and tropical fruits.
  • Summer Blue: While there are many excellent flavors to experience on the market, there isn't anything quite as good, and as delicious, as this extraordinary mixture that recreates the taste of a blue raspberry lemonade.
  • BAL: When you're looking for an out-of-this-world delicious vape flavor to savor throughout the day, this is the perfect option. The blend recreates your favorite strawberry milk flavor to eliminate your sweet cravings.
  • Fusion: As one of their top flavors, this continues to become everyone's favorite vape juice when they're looking for the perfect mixture of fruits. The blend consists of a fusion of flavorful strawberries and kiwis. 
  • FTC: For those that want to experience something different, this tasty cereal vape is definitely a top choice. It is a concoction that mixes together a cinnamon cereal flavor and milk flavor to create those familiar crunchy squares.
  • 4/2/91: Although the name doesn't quite pertain to your specific birthday, this birthday shake will definitely give you a surprising taste you're sure to fall in love with. It's ultimately a mixture of vanilla cake and milk.
  • Pink: Giving into your cravings, this magnificent flavor is everything you've been hoping for. It brings together a juicy strawberry flavor with a sweet candy flavor to make for an outstandingly sweet treat.
  • MLOW: Satisfying your tastes from one puff to the next, this delicious vape is everything you've been wanting. It is an amazing concoction that combines cookies and marshmallows to create an incredible melty marshmallow dessert.
  • Orchard: Almost like running your taste buds through an orchard of apples and further pleasing them with a decadent treat, this flavor is more than you would have imagined. It consists of apple cider and doughnuts.
  • Maui: Blasting away at your taste buds, these trio of flavors will satisfy your airways to no end. It gives you the taste of Maui, combining guavas, lychees, and passion fruits all in one tasty vape.
  • Bacco: Give in to the super satisfying taste of tobacco with this extraordinary blend. It is a smooth and enjoyable tobacco vape that features robust rich and bold notes to keep your receptors amused.
  • Foster: Perfectly recreating a delicious banana foster dessert, this blend is sure to become a favorite. With each puff, you'll notice the amazing flavors begin to collide, boasting flavor notes of banana, cinnamon, and vanilla.
  • Dew Drop: Offering up a brilliantly concocted recreation of your favorite soda flavor, this blend will definitely send you good vibes. It is a lemon and lime soda flavor, mimicking the taste of that famed dew taste everyone knows and loves.
  • Purple: Sporting a range of tastes, this flavor is everything you've been hoping to experience throughout your journey with vaping. It is a mixture of grape candy, sugar, and lemonade, which we're sure you'll love to puff on any chance you can get.

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