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by Ben Luong February 08, 2018

Glazed Kronuts E Juice BY Marina Vape Review

ntroducing Glazed Kronuts E-Juice by Marina Vape 60ml

It is hard to be a vaper and not enjoy one of the Marina Vape flavors. They are a well recognized juice manufacturer based in Los Angeles with multiple quality hit flavors including PBLS Donuts, Donuts, Treats, and Marshmallow Man.  Unsurprisingly there recent of release of Glazed Kronuts 60ml was a huge success. If you are a fan of dessert flavors Marina Vape will definitely have something for you. 

Glazed Kronuts by Marina Vape is a 60ml of pure pastry goodness. Why choose between a croissant and a donut? Why not have both? That is exactly what this flavor combines, Marina Vape delivers the fantastic experience of taking a bite of a soft and buttery cronut. On inhale your sweet tooth is going to be delighted with a generous note of the sweetness of a donut, however that is not all this flavor offers after all it is a cronut. On exhale using the characteristics of croissants the sweetness is then smoothed and transformed into nice and buttery sensation, just perfect. This is definitely a must vape for any dessert lover.

If you are a fan of Glazed Kronuts please don't forget to check out our wide selection of dessert flavors!

Ben Luong
Ben Luong

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