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by Ben Luong February 15, 2018

Introducing Vape Flurry by Marina Vape 60ml

If you are a beginner and giving vaping a try to quit smoking or an avid vaper you have most likely tried, enjoyed or currently vaping a flavor by Marina Vape. They are a well recognized juice manufacturer based in Los Angeles with multiple quality hit flavors including PBLS DonutsDonutsTreats, and Marshmallow Man.  Unsurprisingly there recent of release of Vape Flurry 60ml was a huge success. If you are a fan of dessert flavors Marina Vape will definitely have something for you. 

Vape Flurry by Marina Vape is a 60ml bottle of rich and savory goodness. There are not too many things more enticing than a creamy vanilla milkshake blended with fresh chocolate chip cookies which is exactly what this flavor combines. Marina Vape delivers the fantastic experience of enjoying that iconic cookies and ice cream milkshake at your favorite diner. On inhale your sweet tooth is going to be delighted with a generous note of rich milk complimented with a decadent chocolate cookie, however that is not all this flavor offers after all it is a milkshake. On exhale the amazingly rich vanilla ice cream will then flow out of your mouth with a creamy and smooth sensation, just perfect. This is definitely a must vape liquid for any dessert lover.

If you are a fan of Vape Flurry please don't forget to check out our wide selection of dessert flavors!
Ben Luong
Ben Luong

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