The Mamasan Graham Slam Review

Graham Slam by The Mamasan Review

Graham Slam by The Mamasan Review

Introducing the new Graham Slam by The Mamasan 100ml!

Many of us vapers have either tried The Mamasan ejuice or have a few of their flavors in our "go to" e-liquid selection. This goes not unexpected as The Mamasan is an established and well recognized juice manufacturer releasing one outstanding e-liquid after another with unique combinations of flavors consisting of fruits, ice creams, candy, and cheesecake that mixes perfectly together. Now with the release of Golden Slam, dessert and creamy flavor lovers are in for a treat. 

Golden Slam by The Mamasan is a 100ml of pure milky goodness. When eating graham crackers what compliments it best? Milk. That is exactly what this flavor combines, Mamasan delivers the fantastic experience of dunking a crunchy graham cracker into a freshly poured glass of ice cold milk. On inhale your taste buds are going to be satisfied with a gentle note of graham cracker, not too sweet and not to bland, just perfect. On exhale to balance out the flavor you will be rewarded with a rich and smooth sensation of fresh milk making this flavor a must have for that "all day vape." This vape liquid will certainly be a great addition to your vape collection

If you are a fan of Graham Slam, please don't forget to check out our wide selection of milk flavors!

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