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by Samantha Staves October 08, 2018

An In Depth Look: Burst Vape Juice

Burst E-Liquid brings you the fruity taffy flavors that you crave. These taffy flavors will kick your sweet tooth to the curb, leaving you craving and guilt free. With the rainbow of flavors, you'll always be able to find an all-day-vape to fit your mood. Burst E-Liquid are from Orange County - Santa Ana, California.

Burst E-Liquid Flavor Review


Berry Burst Ejuice

Berry-Burst by Burst is a mouth watering blend of perfectly ripened grapes, freshly picked strawberries, and sweet yet tart blueberries. This vape juice brings you the flavor of a bowl of fresh fruity salad, with a candy twist. This taffy vape juice is like no other. With every inhale you take the candy strawberry flavor will remind you of your favorite candies. With every exhale, the blueberries and grape combine with the strawberries leaving your taste buds with the best mixed berry flavor they've ever tasted. 


Citrus Burst

Citrus-Burst delivers a perfectly balanced fusion of lemons and limes in a taffy flavor that is jaw dropping. This candy flavored e-juice is for sure to bring you the most pleasure with every puff. With every inhale the rush of lemons is something you won't want to forget with how sweet and tart the flavor is. As soon as the flavor hits your taste buds it transforms into a sweet candy flavor to kick those candy cravings. With every exhale, the lime flavor soothes your taste buds, leaving them craving more. 


Sher Burst Ejuice

Sher-Burst is the world favorite sherbet candy flavor turned into a vape juice. The authentic flavor of strawberry, lime, and lemon with a candy twist is something you won't be able to put down. Sher-Burst is a vape juice that will make your sweet tooth nonexistent. As you inhale, your taste buds will be hit with the orange sherbet flavor, sweetening them like no other. Then the strawberry taste comes together with a mix of lemon and lime flavor that provides the best exhale.  


Straw Burst Ejuice

Straw-Burst is by far the best strawberry candy you'll ever vape. This accurate strawberry flavor is something that will send your senses into a frenzy. Then combine that with the candy base and you've got the best vape juice. Those big bags of candies will be a thing of the past once you try Straw-Burst. With every puff you feel as if you're taking a bite of candy as the flavor explodes across your taste buds. 

Burst vape juice brings you the delicious fruit taffy flavor in a vape juice that you won't be able to put down. Bring yourself the best flavors and try Burst vape juice now. You won't believe how these flavors burst across your taste buds.

Samantha Staves
Samantha Staves

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