Kilo Sour Series Watermelon Sours Ice


Watermelon Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml

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Watermelon Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml

Watermelon Sours Ice Ejuice Flavor Review 

Watermelon Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series  100ml is an exhilarating vape juice concoction that will bring your taste buds to a state of ecstasy. This e-juice combines that sour watermelon hard candy intriguing taste you know and love with a frosty menthol vape juice flavor base.

Menthol junkies around the world were not prepared for the release of Watermelon Sours Ice. Finally, that dependable flavor has been mixed with that chilling and refreshing flavor making it perfect for an all-day-vape. Its not only those who love menthol who have been losing their minds over this heavenly flavor. Melon e-juice fanatics have finally found a undeniable elevating watermelon flavor. 

On the inhale your taste buds will relish in that authentic taste that crisp watermelon vape juice flavor. This juicy flavor is enhanced by sour and sugary notes that will dance across your taste buds with each puff. The exhale will amuse your sweet tooth and kick those cravings all day long. This intensified candy vape juice flavor has been fused with an icy menthol e-juice base. This provides a crisp and intoxicating exhale.

Watermelon Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml provides a reviving taste from the first drop to the last. You truly wont be able to get enough of this e-liquid. Indulge in Watermelon Sours Ice today! 

Flavor Profile: Candy, Watermelon, Sour, Ice Menthol

Bottle Size: 100ml

PG/VG: 70/30