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Kilo Sour Series

Kilo Sour Series previously known as Bazooka Sour Straws. The lip puckering sour vape juice is packed with a sugary sour notes. With the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, Kilo Sour Series offers a delicious all day vape and a tangy taste sensation. Indulge in this satisfying treat today, you wont regret it! 

Kilo E-liquids is one of the most popular brands on the current market, they are known for their flavor packed e-juices. They have created a variety of different collections which include, Black, White, Moo, Sour, and their Original Series. They are the ultimate experts at creating a variety of different flavor fusions. Some of their flavors include silky milk fused with fruit, creamy dessert, fruity combinations, and now sour candies! 

Kilo Sour Series arrives in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle and has nicotine options of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. These savory flavors are reincarnations of your favorite hard candies! So you won't have to hide your guilty pleasures anymore, kick those cravings all day with Kilo Sour Series! You are sure to find that perfect flavor you've been seeking for from this premium brand!

Kilo Sour Series offers 8 sour blends like Watermelon, Rainbow, Mango Tango, Pineapple Peach, Strawberry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, and Blue Raspberry Ice. These flavors come from the known brand Bazooka, indulge in those original flavors you loved from Bazooka with Kilo Sour Series.

Kilo Sour Series Flavor Review

Blue Raspberry Sours 

Blue Raspberry by Kilo Sour Series is a savory tangy flavor bonanza blend that will keep that sweet tooth satisfied all day long. This e-juice is a recreated flavor of your favorite sour hard candies that is sure to please. This genuine blue raspberry flavor had been fused with a sweet candy base and extra tart sugar notes. This boozy flavor will leave you begging for more after one puff. On the inhale a tart rush of that authentic blue raspberry flavor will intoxicate your taste buds. Sour sugar notes will then dance across your tongue providing you with a lip puckering taste. This sour fusion is balanced out on the exhale as a sweet rush of that candy flavor smothers your tongue with its intense flavor. This flavor packed vape juice is truly the perfect all-day-vape flavor you wont want to miss out on!

Blue Raspberry Sours Ice

That original Blue Raspberry by Kilo Sour Series we all know all love has now been put on ice! This is not a joke, really it isn't! Menthol fanatics are losing their mind over this tangy icy fusion! That same flavor packed experience now provides a refreshing ending making it perfect for a warm summers day. Blue Raspberry Ice by Kilo Sour Series is a true show stopper! A tart inhale of that blue raspberry flavor is sure to delight your taste buds with its intense flavor. Sour sugary notes are next to follow providing an extra tangy flavor sensation. On the exhale that candy flavor will intensify and intoxicate your sweet tooth. This is sure to kick those candy cravings to the curb all day long! The extra bonus is that icy blast that will leave you feeling refreshed after each hit!

Green Apple Sours

Sour green apple hard candies are what everyone seeks for when in those variety bags. Well the look is now over with Green Apple by Kilo Sour Series. This authentic flavor remake is sure to please with its intense tangy taste. This green apple vape juice flavor is truly unlike any other that has been done by other brands. On the inhale freshly picked green apple flavor will smother your taste buds. Your brain will question if you had bitten into a crisp juicy apple or if this was an e-liquid. To add to this succulent flavor is extra sugar sour notes that will bounce across your tongue delighting your taste buds. On the exhale your sweet tooth will be satisfied with an intense candy base to balance out those tart flavors. 

Green Apple Sours Ice

Green Apple Sours Ice provides that same flavor from Kilo Sour Series we all love, but now has been fused with a chilling menthol vape juice flavor for all those menthol fanatics. This refreshing blend will stimulate your taste buds with its genuine and intense flavor. This e-liquid flavor is truly indistinguishable from those sour hard candies we all love. On the inhale a juicy rush of crisp apples will charge into your mouth demanding you taste buds to be delighted, which they will oblige. Tangy sour and sweet notes will dance along and soothe those cravings. On the exhale that candy base will ignite your sweet tooth with its divine flavor. Fused with that candy base is a bone chilling menthol to provide a satisfying ending.

Mango Tango

Mango Tango will do the tango across your tongue with each puff and delight those taste buds. This tropical candy blend is sure to please with its boozy flavor. You will not regret the day you chose Mango Tango by Kilo Sour Series as your dance partner! This mango candy blend has been fused with list sour and sugar notes to provide an extra savoy taste with each hit. On the inhale a juicy mango e-juice flavor will smother your tongue. This intense flavor is truly authentic and is sure to please. Fusing with this fruity taste are sour and sugary notes that join together for the tango! On the exhale is an intensified candy base that will wash down that tangy fusion. 

Mango Tango Sours Ice

Get up and dance with Mango Tango Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml! This flavor packed experience cannot be found from any other brand. This candy flavor will finally make your sweet tooth leave you alone. Menthol e-juice fans will be delighted to hear that the same succulent flavor from Mango Tango has now been put "on ice" with Mango Tango Ice. On the inhale you will not be prepared for that juicy genuine mango flavor what will smother your tongue. This arousing flavor only proceeds to get better with sour and sugary notes that will delight your taste buds. On the exhale an frosty menthol flavor will wash down these stimulating flavors to provide a refreshing exhale.

Rainbow Sours

Rainbow Sours by Kilo Sour Series is a fruity fusion of all your favorite flavors. This candy cocktail of tangy lemons, sweet strawberries, tart blue raspberry, and ripe apples will leave your sweet tooth satisfied and your taste buds begging for more. This boozy flavor bonanza has the perfected balance between sour and sweet! You wont regret indulging in this guilt free treat. On the inhale a succulent strawberry flavor will flood into your mouth as that tangy blue raspberry taste fuses with it. This provides a light tart taste with a juicy fruity base. This flavor is far from over though. To simmer down these intense flavors is a blast of an apple e-juice flavor base. On the exhale a refreshing twist of lemons is sure to please as it is bonded with an intense candy flavor.

Rainbow Sours Ice

Get ready for a true flavor fusion, Rainbow Ice by Kilo Sour Series provides a true fruity concoction that is sure to please. This intense flavor profile includes, tart lemons, juicy strawberries, tangy blue raspberry, and crisp ripe apples. Wow! Kilo has done an amazing job to insure that though there may be a variety of different flavors that you can still taste each individually. On the inhale is a blitz of that arousing strawberry flavor. Fusing with this juicy taste is a tart blue raspberry that will have you on your toes! A fresh apple flavor is next to join this party to provide a wash down from those tart tastes. The exhale is a fusion of lemon candies with a frosty menthol base.  

Pineapple Peach

Take a walk on your exotic side with Pineapple Peach by Kilo Sour Series! This tropical blend will have your taste buds screaming with pleasure. On the inhale is that ripe pineapple flavor. This pineapple flavor has an authentic taste with that tangy flavor we crave from pineapples. Your taste buds will be delighted as an extra rush of sugar and sour notes dance across your tongue. To provide that balance between tart and sweet, on the exhale a rush of juicy peaches does just that. These sweet peaches are fused with a intense candy base to please that sweet tooth all day long! 

Pineapple Peach Ice

Pack your bags for a tropical getaway with Pineapple Peach Ice by Kilo Sour Series! Okay, maybe start to unpack, but you will definitely be provided with an exotic fusion of fruity flavor that will make you feel like you are on a beach in Fuji. Pineapple Peach Ice is a arctic menthol flavor fusion to provide a refreshing ending with each puff. On the inhale a tangy pineapple vape juice flavor will delight your taste buds. Extra sugar and tart notes will flood into your pallet and balance out that intense pineapple tangy. On the exhale juicy peaches will wash down those sour notes to provide a perfected balance of sour and sweet. Also on the exhale is a fused menthol base that makes this e-liquid perfect for a warm summers day! 

Strawberry Sours

Strawberry Sours by Kilo Sour Series will have you ditching your favorite hard candies from the first puff. This savory fusion has that genuine taste you've been seeking for and no other brand does it quite as well as Kilo Sour Series. No more need to hoard those candies in your work desk anymore! Indulge in this candy treat with no added guilt to kick those cravings! On the inhale is a fruity rush of an authentic strawberry flavor. A rush of sour and sugary notes will flood into your mouth and smother your taste buds intoxicating them. On the exhale that candy base flavor will intensify and sweeten your sweet tooth to its core. Your cravings will finally be put to rest with this e-liquid!

Strawberry Sours Ice 

Strawberry candies is a common flavor in the vape juice industry. It is easy to see why, nothing can beat those hard candies! Kilo Sour Series has now released one of the best options for all you strawberry fanatics! You will be shook from the first puff of Strawberry Sours Ice! This fusion has now been turned to ice for all those who are on a quest to find that refreshing menthol flavor. Well, we are glad to announce you have concord your quest with this divine e-juice. On the inhale a succulent rush of that strawberry taste is sure to satisfy. Sugary and sour notes are truly what make hard candies so intoxicating, and thanks to Kilo we now receive that same genuine flavor. These tangy notes will bounce across your taste buds and delight them. On the exhale is a chilling fusion of an intense candy base and a menthol vape juice flavor.

Watermelon Sours

Watermelon Sours by Kilo Sour Series is the ultimate summers treat! This fruity fusion is an authentic blend of crisp watermelon and a sour candy base. You will wonder how it taste so genuine to those hard candies we all known and love. Now you can indulge in that same flavor with no added guilt, so ditch that stash you are hoarding and save on Watermelon Sours instead! On the inhale a juicy rush of a ripe watermelon flavor will intoxicate your taste buds and provide a refreshing taste. Sugary notes will run across your tongue as they are paired with a tart sour twist as well. This provides a tasty balance of tangy and sweet. Washing down these intense flavors is that candy base on the exhale. With each exhale your sweet tooth will thank you as its cravings have finally been satisfied.

Watermelon Sours Ice 

Frozen watermelon might be one hard treat to eat but would provide one of the most refreshing flavors you've ever indulge in. Kilo Sour Series had the same though with its creation of Watermelon Sours Ice! This fruity arctic fusion gets even better with an added candy base to kick those cravings! On the inhale a rush of crisp watermelon will overpower your taste buds with its intoxicating flavor. This ripe melon is truly credible compared to its original counterpart. Tangy notes are next to follow to enhance that lip puckering sour taste you've been seeking. On the exhale that candy base washes down those tart flavors and provides a balanced combination. An added icy exhale makes this e-juice perfect for a warm summers day! 

If candy is your thing why not take Kilo Sour Series along with you for a guilt free treat instead! Treat yourself to these fruity fusions that make the best all-day-vape flavor! You are sure not to be disappointed when you try Kilo Sour Series 100ml!

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