Strawberry Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml


Strawberry Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml

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Strawberry Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml

Kilo Sour Series Strawberry Sours Ice E-juice Flavor Review

Prepare your senses for Strawberry Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series 100ml. A chilling strawberry menthol e-juice will satisfy your senses as soon as you open the bottle. The cooling aroma of this strawberry e-liquid will make you salivate as soon as you smell it. Whether you're a candy extremist or just looking for something sweet to treat yourself with no fault to yourself, this intoxicating candy flavor vape juice will send your cravings away for the rest of the day. 

From the moment of your first puff your senses will be taken over by the candy-like sweetness of strawberry vape juice as genuine as if you had indulging in a hard candy. A tangy sour then combines with the strawberry create the perfect sour sweet mixture that will have you reaching for more. The perfect fusion of sour sweet you've been pursuing will be just a reach away with this undeniably astonishing vape juice. As you exhale a soothing cooling effect from that menthol e-juice flavor will leave your mouth tingling with delight. 

The strawberry flavor has been done by many however, Kilo E-liquids in reality takes the cakes with this juice. Kilo uses high quality ingredients with all of their products. If your a menthol devotee or not, this strawberry e-juice will have you begging for more with its original flavors. You'll be swept away to paradise with every inhale you take.

Strawberry Sours Ice by Kilo Sour Series is a heavenly combination of menthol e-liquid and sour strawberry concoction. This invigorating candy vape juice makes the perfect juice anytime, anywhere! Stockpile on the juice that was made for you with Strawberry Sours Ice today!

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Candy, Menthol, Sour

Bottle Size: 100ml

PG/VG: 70/30