Original Ejuice by The Milkman 60ml

The Vaping Rabbit

Original Ejuice by The Milkman 60ml

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Original Ejuice by The Milkman by The Vaping Rabbit 60ml

Milkman Original Vape Juice Review

The Milkman 60ml from The Vaping Rabbit is the original flavor by The Milkman, a toasted fruit pastry blended with a scoop of rich, vanilla bean ice cream and a splash of creamy milk. Those looking for an extremely creamy flavor, this is the brand and the flavor you've been looking for. 

While you inhale The Milkman Original, your taste buds are instantly hit with the creamy strawberry vape juice flavor. Then a rush of buttered pastry flavor immediately fuses with the strawberry, satisfying your flavor palate in ways it has never been satisfied before. On the exhale, a burst of vanilla ice cream vape juice coats your taste buds with creamy goodness. This vape juice embodied the exact flavor of your favorite ice cream topped with sweet, sweet ice cream. 

The Milkman is a line off of The Vaping Rabbit. This line is filled with the creamy vape juice that you desire, and once you try one you'll have to try all of them. These succulent vape juices are made with max VG to provide the thickest clouds you've ever produced, but yet they still have flavors that are so intense you will be flabbergasted. The Milkman vape juices are all made with the highest quality of ingredients to provide the best vape juice for their customers.  

The Milkman by The Vaping Rabbit is the original vape juice from this line and as they say, greatness comes with age. This vape juice is the most authentic ice cream flavor on the market, the only thing that you won't get from it is a brain freeze. 

Flavor Profile: Milk, Ice Cream

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 90/10