WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Lost Vape Orion Pod Replacement Cartridges

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Lost Vape Orion Pod Replacement Cartridge

Lost Vape Orion Pods Review

Lost Vape Orion Pods are compatible with the Lost Vape Orion Kit. With salt nicotine e-liquids on the rise, vapor pod systems have followed in growth. The industry has developed immensely over the last few years due to vape pods, and one of the latest and most tech-packed entries to the surface is the Lost Vape Orion. It’s a fascinating all-in-one pod system that comes packaged with a slew of different features, including Variable Wattage, Evolv’s new Replay mode, Escribe compatible, and much more. One of its most prominent features is certainly the Lost Vape Orion Replacement Cartridge, which helps the Orion deliver an astonishing performance.

The Lost Vape Orion Replacement Cartridge comes in a pack of two. There are two different options to choose from, one which has a 0.25-ohm resistance and another that has a 0.5-ohm resistance. While both pod cartridges offer an extraordinary experience, both have been designed to focus more on one particular trait. The 0.25-ohm pod is vapor-focused, while the 0.5-ohm pod is more flavor-focused. Each option utilizes an integrated 316 stainless steel coil that’s wrapped around organic cotton for the purest, cleanest taste possible.

Constructed in a unique way, each pod has a large 3ML e-liquid capacity and sports a refillable design. The pod cartridge has been to allow for easily refilling, so a threaded cap rests at the top and when removed a fill port is exposed. For increased comfort, the drip tip is made of a Delrin material and just at the base of the drip tip is an adjustable airflow control feature with two slots that offers the ability to custom tailor the balance between flavor and vapor production. Everything from the device to the Lost Vape Orion Replacement Cartridge, it’s all built with incredible quality. The contacts are gold-plated, the pod is constructed of a polycarbonate material, the drip tip is made of Delrin, and both the airflow control, threaded top-fill cap, and coil are all constructed of stainless steel.

Lost Vape Orion Pods Cartridges Include

  • 2 Lost Vape Orion DNA Pod Cartridges - $13.99
  • 4 Lost Vape Orion DNA Pod Cartridges - $24.99

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