Keep It 100 Salts Pick 3 Bundle

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Keep It 100 Salt Vape Juice 30ml Pick 3 Bundle (90mL)

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Keep It 100 Salt Vape Juice 30mL Pick 3 Bundle (90mL)

Keep It 100 Salt Vape Juice Bundle Review

The Keep It 100 Salt Vape Juice Bundle is one of the best deals you'll run into when it comes to salt nicotine vape juice. It allows you to experience the finest salt nicotine and choose from a wide range of flavors that make up the Keep It 100 salt nicotine collection. If you're looking to explore everything the brand has to offer, why settle with just one flavor? The bundle gives you the opportunity to choose 3 flavors from the entire collection. From Blue to Mint Bacco, you have a range of options that will certainly satisfy your taste buds.

Select as many as three different flavors from the Keep It 100 Salt vape juice collection. Choose your preferred strength of salt nicotine, place your order, and your new vape goodies will arrive in no time! You'll receive 90mL of vape juice between three 30mL bottles. In this bundle, you can choose all 3 of the same flavors or you can mix it up and try 3 different flavors. The choice is totally yours! Your Keep It 100 vape juice bundle will arrive in your mailbox in a timely manner, packaged perfectly. You'll receive three 30mL bottles of salt nicotine vape juice in your desired flavor and choice of nicotine strength. Choose from 30mg or 50mg strengths.

Choose From:

  • Blue - Experience a dazzling flavor that will overload your taste buds with blue raspberries. It's the blue slushie flavor without the cool, making it a perfect option for anyone who cannot get enough of that classic blue raspberry taste.

  • Blue Iced - Recreating the taste of a blue slushie perfectly, this flavor will be everything you would hope for. It brings together a mix of blue raspberries that are bombarded by an ice-cold addition of menthol for a cool and delicious taste.
  • Foster - When you're looking for a dessert flavor to satisfy your taste buds, you've got to turn to this amazing mix. It is a complex combination of banana, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla that we just know you'll love puffing on.

  • Mint Bacco - While tobacco flavors are already great on their own, adding the cool and refreshing taste of sweet mint into the mix certainly drives the experience upwards. This is a flavor you're going to want to savor.

  • Dew Drop - Enjoy a classic flavor that will deliver the same great taste as your favorite soda. It is a lemon and lime flavor combined with fizzling soda to perfectly recreate the dew taste you know and love.

Whether you're on the prowl for a delicious blue raspberry flavor or searching for that classic taste of smooth tobacco, this Keep It 100 Salt Vape Juice Bundle will certainly do the trick. You can explore up to 3 flavors at a time to ensure you never receive a dull moment.

May Contain Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)