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The One Blueberry Eliquid by Beard Vape Co 100ml

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The One Blueberry Eliquid 100ml by Beard Vape Co.

The One Blueberry Vape Juice Review

The One Blueberry 100ml will rock your senses as if they had just been to a concert. The taste of fresh baked doughnuts filled with delightful blueberries, and a honeyed frosting will be something you can't stop thinking about. Fresh blueberries mixed with sugar is the best way to get that sweetness with the muted sour flavor. The One Blueberry is a trustworthy juice that will become your go to juice in rotation. 

The One Series by Beard Vape Co. is something truthfully groundbreaking. Dessert flavors that will satisfy you no matter the time of day is something that everyone craves. These succulent flavors are all packed into a 100ml bottle that is ready to go whenever you are, and wherever you are going! Bringing the gratifying sensation of dessert to you in a vape juice that not many have accomplished, however The One hits the spot every time!

On the inhale, the sensational flavor of freshly baked doughnuts filled to the brim with a sweet blueberry filling is the first thing to hit your taste buds. Many say that it is the cherry on top of their day no matter the time of day. As you exhale, the rich frosting lays across your taste buds like a blanket. The One will sooth all of your sweet tooth cravings back into their hidden cave and will keep them their permanently.

The One by Beard Vape Co. is a truly revitalizing juice that will make you never want to vape anything else. With its delectable flavors and authentic tastes no juice can compare, and trust me, you wont want to compare them. Listen to your inner sweet tooth and indulge in a guilt free way on The One Vape Juice today! 

Flavor Profile: Blueberry, Doughnut, Frosting

Bottle Size: 100ml

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