Lemon Puddin' Pie by Country Clouds Ejuice


Lemon Puddin' Pie by Country Clouds Eliquid 60ml

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Nicotine Level

Lemon Puddin’ Pie by Country Clouds Eliquid 60ml

Country Clouds Lemon Puddin’ Pie Vape Juice Review

Bring on the dessert! Let your inner vapor soul submerge itself into a classic american treat that’ll serve you delicious lemon pie all day long. It’s incredible fusion of lemon pie with freshly whipped meringue and crushed graham crackers will surely impress any vape juice connaisseurs that specialize in desserts. Country Clouds made sure that Lemon Puddin’ Pie was carefully made and crafted the day it was founded giving you full lemon pie and nothing more.

Engulf your mouth and tongue in the lush scrumptious taste of lemon pie and the sweet delish creamy meringue topping on the inhale, while on the exhale you’ll taste the crisp freshly baked outer layer of graham crackers joining in on the dessert madness. You’ll never have to crave for another lemon pie again once you take a hit of this ejuice.

Lemon Puddin’ Pie was made to taste just like how grandma made it back home sending you to a sweet heavenly escape when you’ve accomplished surrounding yourself in thick cloudy vapor huffing in every inch of the aroma and taste.

Flavor Profile: Lemon, Meringue, Cream

Bottle Size: 60ml

VG/PG: 70/30