Wild Apple Ejuice by Air Factory 100ml

Wild Apple Ejuice by Air Factory 100ml

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Wild Apple Ejuice by Air Factory 100ml

Introducing Wild Apple Ejuice  by Air Factory 100ml!

Air Factory is a juice manufacturer based out of Irvine, CA and is very well known for creating some of the best tasting 100ml vape juices in the market. They have had huge success with their original lineup with flavors such as Blue Razz, a juice that combines tangy blue raspberries with cream and Mystery Flavor, which is a clever combination of candy, fruit, and lemonade. Therefore it goes without saying that the new lineup of juices from Air Factory is already a huge success. 

Wild Apple Ejuice by Air Factory 100ml is one of the smash flavors from Air Factory's new juice line up. It 100ml bottle that consists of their iconic taffy flavor combined perfectly with crisp tangy green apple and sweet red apple. One puff of this and your taste buds will be overwhelmed with satisfaction. On inhale you will experience both red and green apple working perfectly in unison, the sour notes given off from the green apple will be generously complimented by the sweet notes from the red apple. That is not all! On exhale, just when you think the flavor could not get any better creamy taffy will gently take over and you will already be looking forward to your next puff. This flavor is ideal for anyone who like apple and can appreciate experiencing all the different notes apple contains. Comes in three nicotine levels 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 

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