Suorin Drop

Why the Suorin Drop is Taking the Vaping World by Storm

Why the Suorin Drop is Taking the Vaping World by Storm

Suorin Drop

If you are in the market for a high quality, convenient, portable, and affordable vaping system, the Sourin Drop may just be the product you are looking for. This slim, teardrop-shaped vaping device will be available in multiple colors from standard single tone shades to metallic infused colors or rubber coated color choices. Sourin has developed a compact chassis making it a perfect ultra-portable device to carry around in your pocket.

With the Suorin Drop you will have a 2ml juice capacity using their replaceable vape juice cartridges. You may think that 2ml is not a lot, however the Drop is a device that was designed with Salt Nicotine in mind. Therefore a vaper will not consume Ejuice as fast as they were to on Sub Ohm Tanks. For the most part a full 2ml tank will last you most of your day.

Simplicity and ease to use is one of the key components with the Sourin Drop. With their breath activated firing mechanism you will be able to simply take a puff and the device will fire up the atomizer automatically, no need for buttons or screens.



What Kind Of E-Liquid Do You Use?

Salt Nicotine

With the growing trend of Salt Nicotine vape juice among the vaping world, the demand and adaptation of devices to be compatible with Nic Salts are rising. Therefore the Suorin Drop was designed with that in mind and although conventional vape juice can be used with this device, the Drop was specifically designed for Nicotine Salts and not any thick oil like delta 8. One of the best things about this system is that you don’t have to mess with is cartridges. You can purchase your favorite e-liquid and simply refill the unit as needed. The tank holds an impressive two milliliters of liquid, so refills are infrequent and very simple when vaping nicotine salts.

The pod has a two-part design that is held together by powerful magnets, so you don’t need to worry about tiny, delicate parts breaking or wearing out.

Charging is also simple and infrequent. The unit contains a 310mAh battery that provides all-day vaping on a single charge. There will also be a LED battery life indicator that will light up every time you take a puff letting you know how much charge is left.  Furthermore, you can charge your device at any computer, outlet, and your car, pretty much anything that accepts USB connection.


How Durable Is The Suorin Drop?
Suorin Drop Pod

The simplified compact design of this unit makes it extremely durable. There are no flimsy or complicated parts that can break; the Drop is a solid and hefty unit. There is no complicated assembly and cleaning involved. With this device form Suorin you simply refill the tank, charge and go.

The only caution is that you should wait a few minutes after filling the new tank before you begin vaping. This allows the newly added vape juice to saturate the atomizer giving you a great vaping experience avoiding “dry-hits.”  Other than that little step, the Suorin Drop is ready to be taken on the go and enjoyed.


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How Much Does It Cost?


Suorin Drop


The complete starter kit costs about $35 and will include everything you will need to start vaping salt nicotine, One Device, Two Replaceable Pods, Charging Cable, and Warranty card. However if you like to keep multiple flavors on hand in different pods, or in need of fresh Suorin replacement cartridge, those are available for $3.99. A standard replaceable pod will normally last 2-3 week of consistent vaping thus changing them will be at a minimum making The Sourin Drop Kit in one of the most convenient and simple salt nicotine devices available in the market.


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