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by Alham Benyameen June 30, 2017 1 Comment

Top 5 Best Flavors From 2017 That You Have Missed

With so many flavors being released everyday it could be hard to decipher what is really good or brands that are nothing more than just a fancy package with good marketing. While other brands may look generic or something you feel like you generally wouldn't be interested in they may be an amazing flavor hiding in plain sight. So we put together this list to breakdown 5 of the best flavors out of 2017 that you have to try, but probably slipped through the cracks!

#1 Granola Series By Yogi Eliquid 

The Yogi e-juice line are all based around a full flavored granola recipe. These flavors follow the same base of a rich granola bar bound together by sweet honey! Yogi vape juice is a whole new flavor experience all together and with the perfect level of sweetness, it makes this juice very easy to vape all day! If you are one to pair your granola with fruit don't miss out on their blueberry or strawberry granola, it is top notch!

#2 Dripstix Eliquid 100ml Parfait 

Dripstix newest flavor has gained a loyal following of fans very quickly after its release. But a flavor of this quality at this price is not usually the norm, Dripstix puts in the time and effort into crafting a flavor that is true to its profile and will hold its flavor until every last drop of the 100ml is finished! Dripstix Parfait combines the sweet fresh flavor of fresh blueberries with the rich notes of blackberries then swirled together with tangy Greek yogurt. The result is a full flavored eliquid that is unlike anything you have ever had.

#3 Berry Lemonade By Juice Roll Upz Carnival Series 

Juice Roll upz is a brand that has been around since the industry started and most people seem to have at least one experience with their liquid. Juice Roll Upz was the go to choice when you wanted a spot on refreshing candy flavor that was a mimic of the fruit roll up candy. They have since released an ice version of their original line but the one we're going to focus on today is the Juice Roll Up Carnival line up. These flavors are all based on delicious treats you would find at a carnival. Their Berry Lemonade is the definition of refreshing, with the perfect contrast between sweet and tangy. The inhale is a subtly mixed berry flavor while the exhale is a sweet, slightly tangy citrus flavor, the lemon is not overpowering in the slightest making this flavor a perfect all day-vape!

#4 Strawberry Crispy Treats By Ethos Vapors 60ml

This next one is for those looking for a flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth! Ethos Crispy Treats perfected their rice crispy treat recipe with the gooey sweetness from melted marshmallow but when they introduced the Strawberry it changed the game. The fruity flavor of strawberry with the gooey flavor of the crispy treat paired together in perfect harmony to create an iconic flavor!


#5 Lemon Tart By Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart

Dinner Lady is slowing starting to get the attention it deserves. Out of the U.K Dinner Lady is truly something different. The Lemon Tart is spot on a recreation of the English dessert. With the fresh flavor of lemon curd baked within a thin pastry then topped with lemon meringue. This recipe is bold and complex as it should be, the sweetness of the pastry and the tart flavors of the lemon work together in unison to deliver a flavor experience that is truly different than anything you've ever vaped. Of course their Strawberry Caramel Custard deserves an honorable mention as well.

Have you had a chance to give any of these flavors a try? If so let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Alham Benyameen
Alham Benyameen

1 Response


June 16, 2018

Dinner lady lemon tart is the best lemon E-juice out there! I have tried every lemon desert possible as it’s my favorite flavor and this is it! The smell makes you want to drink it lol and the flavor when vaping just makes me smack my lips at the deliciousness! If you haven’t tried this yet and your a lemon desert lover then stop hesitating and get some!

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