The cost of vaping has dropped dramactically!

The cost of vaping has dropped dramactically!

If you have been vaping for awhile now then you may have noticed a curve in the e-liquids industry throughout the years. Just under 4 years ago, nearly everybody that picked up a bottle of e-liquid, the size of the bottle was generally 15ml and 30ml at the biggest option. These 15 ml were about $12 and the 30ml over $20. To those who recently got into vaping those prices sound insane, especially people who vape a lot that is going to add up very quick. At this time if you wanted to get a big bottle of juice it was known that it 9/10 times will be poor quality with a soapy, artificial after taste, so it just wasn't worth it.

After the industry started to grow and more mixologist started to get into juice business including an array of chef’s these manufacturers brought their expertise into making very generous sized bottles for an extremely reasonable price. These companies did their research and crafted recipes of high quality premium e-juice but instead of charging an arm and a leg to consumers they packaged it in a bigger bottle and decided to charge a more than reasonable price. This started a trend and the premium brands bottle sizes started to increase while their pricing started to decrease. Consumers started paying the same price for double the amount of juice their were getting just 6 months prior. The most important feature is that they still maintained their quality of premium ingredients and only the finest nicotine.

Today the trend is still rising, for example the Dripstix line sells 100ml bottles for less than the price of a 30ml back in the day. If you're looking for something EVEN bigger then check out Glossy flavors they made a custom 180 ml size bottle & with 5 flavors to choose from there is something for everyone's palate in their line up. This is a trend that really helps everybody as the main goal of vaping is to aid in quitting cigarettes all together, so it makes a lot of sense to make the better alternative not just better for you but also a cheaper option.

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