Longest Lasting Disposable Vapes

The Top 5 Longest Lasting Disposable Vapes 2022

Disposable vapes are everywhere, from gas stations to online stores, there is no getting away from them. While vape juice is still a leading choice for vapers, disposables are becoming more preferred because of the convenience, portability, and little effort that's needed to use them or to discard them. Although the delicious flavors are certainly what lures you into using disposables, it's ultimately the puff count that really matters. Why would you want two or three days of enjoying your favorite when you can splurge in that special tastes for a week or more?

In this post, we're going to search through our huge selection of devices and choose the top 5 longest lasting disposable vapes. In other words, we'll find the 5 devices with the highest puff count to save you time looking for them. If by chance you don't mind devices with lower puff counts, below you can find collections we've organized based on the number of puffs they offer.

What Should Qualify As The Longest Lasting Disposable?

As you know, disposable vapes are merely temporary vaporizers that are designed to be used until the vape juice within them has depleted. What qualifies one over another, in terms of how long lasting they are, ultimately depends on the puff count. To separate devices, we'll create imaginary categories. A low puff count device would be placed into a category that only houses devices with 1000 puffs or less. An average puff count would be placed into a category that only houses devices with 1000 to 3000 puffs. A high puff count would be placed into a category that only houses devices with 3000 puffs or more.

You can make these categories in your head yourself by simply remembering the disposable market's journey. When these devices first came out, manufactures made them with 200-300 puffs. As category began to grow, more manufactures decided to create their own, and so came the race for the highest puff count. Next came devices with 1000 puffs, then 2000, 3000, and the race still hasn't stopped. For now, some of the highest puffs is 6000-7000 puffs. Keep an eye open for the future as we're sure we'll soon see devices hitting 8K, 9K, and even 10,000 puffs.

Disposable Vapes With The Highest Puff Count

The devices with a high puff count is what a lot of people are after. It's frustrating when you're out and about and suddenly your vape tastes burnt and you notice all of the vape juice has depleted. With a high puff count devices, that rarely happens, as you're vaping for weeks, instead of days. And, as any vaper knows these days, it's always a safe bet to have a backup. Feel free to browse the devices in our store that last the longest and have the highest puff count.

1. Puff Hotbox Disposable Vape 7500 Puffs

When it comes to the number of puffs a device can deliver, the Puff Hotbox Disposable Vape definitely takes the spotlight. It is a device that has all of the convenient features a normal disposable would offer, like being pre-charged, pre-filled, and a draw-activated firing mechanism. What's special about the Puff Hotbox, however, is that it features an integrated 700mAh rechargeable battery and a massive 16mL vape juice capacity. Of course, that earns you as many as 7500 puffs and several flavor options to choose from!


2. 7 Daze Ohmlet Disposable Vape 7000 Puffs

The Ohmlet is definitely one of our favorites, and it isn't just because of its cute and compact design, it's because of the quality flavors 7 Daze has become known to produce. Not only does it feel great to hold and feature a mesh coil that truly enhances the flavor and vapor production, but the small device also manages to house a huge rechargeable battery and a 15mL vape juice capacity, giving you a whopping 7000 puffs to enjoy.


3. Puff Daddy Sub Ohm Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs

While the Puff Daddy Sub Ohm Disposable Vape is still fairly new to the market, it has become one of the best choices this year. It is a device that is remarkably convenient, comfortable, and can certainly generate flavorful puffs. It's also highly impressive because of its sub ohm super mesh coil that plays a big role in the enhanced taste you experience when using the device. Aside from that, it features a large rechargeable battery and has a enormous 14mL vape juice capacity, giving you 6000 puffs and a range of flavor options.


4. Flum Pebble Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs

The Puff Pebble is another highly impressive device to consider, like the entire Flum collection. This device not only looks stunning, it performs great too, making it a solid choice when you take into account the amount of puffs it offers. It boasts a large rechargeable battery and comes with a huge 14mL vape juice capacity, allowing you to experience up to 6000 puffs and several different flavors to choose from as well.


5. Vape Gang Max Disposable Vape 6000 Puffs

The new Vape Gang Max is the latest and greatest device added to the Vape Gang brand collection. This device is compact, powerful, and certainly lasts. It is just as convenient as any other, yet it comes with a large integrated rechargeable battery and a huge 13mL vape juice capacity, generating up to 6000 puffs to explore. On top of that, Vape Gang is known for their delicious flavor creations, and you'll have plenty of options to choose from.



There are many disposable vapes on the market today, yet a very slim number of devices with a higher puff count than normal. If you are looking for long lasting disposable vapes in 2022, they aren't hard to find here at West Coast Vape Supply. We've taken the time to organize our devices by brand and puff count, making it effortless to find the perfect device for you.

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