BLVK Hundred Series

The New BLVK: More Flavors, Larger Sizes

When's the last time you've taken a look at our BLVK Unicorn collection? If it's been a while, you may be interested in the changes the brand has recently made and what we have to offer. BLVK has recently revamped its collection, offering a new look, more flavor options, and even larger bottle sizes.

BLVK Hundred Premium E-Liquid

The BLVK Hundred series is a collection of premium vape juice filled in large 100mL bottles. The collection consists of various fruits, pastries, and menthol flavors, alongside a unique flavorless option that allows you to create your own masterful concoction. Become a mixologist and design your own blend or enjoy tastes of Melon Berry, Mango Aloe, Blue Mint, Glazed Buns, Lemon Berry Pie, Peach Pear, and more.

BLVK Collection

With its revamp, the BLVK Hundred series was made using tobacco-free nicotine (TFN), a synthetic nicotine that contains no trace of tobacco whatsoever. It features quality ingredients, including the finest propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavorings to create premium e-liquid you'll notice from both the feel and taste. The appearance of BLVK has also improved, giving it a more sophisticated look, alongside clear and understandable visuals on both the packaging and label.

BLVK Hundred Flavors

Glazed Buns by BLVK Unicorn

Showers your taste with the sweet taste of a pastry, this donut-flavored vape has all of the right notes for your taste buds to experience. It is a perfectly concocted blend that recreates the same flavor of a freshly baked, warm, sugary donut. It offers a savory flavor that will leave you drooling for more.


Blue Mint by BLVK Unicorn

Bombarding your taste buds and leaving you with a truly magical flavor you'll certainly appreciate, you won't find another greater vape. This blend is incredibly complex, sporting a fascinating trio of blue raspberry, gummy candy, and menthol, making for a remarkable flavor you cannot get enough of.


Peach Pear by BLVK Unicorn

Delivering another powerful pairing, this duo flavor is everything you've been wanting. It creates a delicious taste by combining the juiciest peaches and the tangiest pears, leaving you mesmerized by this tropical mixture. The amazing, slightly sugary taste of fruits will please your taste buds from one puff to the very next.


Lemon Berry Pie by BLVK Unicorn

Throwing one flavor to the next at your taste buds, this concoction is truly incredible. It is a dessert pie that features a complex taste you'll love to puff on. The mixture consists of zesty lemons, sweet berries, and wrapped in a delicious pie crust flavor that will bring back the love for vaping.


Mango Aloe by BLVK Unicorn

Making for one of the most satisfying tastes, you wouldn't believe how impressive this pairing is. It is a flavorsome mix of flavors that combines juicy mangoes and crisp aloe, giving you a masterful combination that will never grow old. This duo of flavors is an all-day vape you will absolutely savor every puff you take.


Melon Berry by BLVK Unicorn

Boasting a delicious taste, you won't find another more savory blend than this mixture of flavors. The concoction brings together an outstanding pairing of mouthwatering watermelons and juicy red strawberries, leaving you with a thoroughly satisfying taste that you'll want to puff on any chance you get.


Flavorless by BLVK Unicorn

There isn't anything better than formulating your own masterful mixture specific to your tastes. The flavorless vape juice comes without flavor and allows you to blend in your own flavors to help you create a DIY vape juice you'll fall in love with, because it's made by you.


About BLVK

BLVK is a leading vape brand that has developed a premium collection of vape juice. The collection has gained an immense following of those who seek delicious, reliable vape juice to satisfy their tastes and cravings each day. It creates one-of-a-kind blends using various fruit, menthol, candy, and pastry flavors, and has recently introduced a flavorless option as well to appease all preferences. BLVK is based in Los Angeles, California and was introduced by parent brand BLVK Holdings in 2016 at the ASD Tradeshow.

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