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The Latest Vape News - May 2023

In this months latest news breakdown, we share devistating news about a Hawaiian vape tax, the savagery coming from Australia, and a huge win for the vaping industry as a whole. Discover industry and company news, alongside a look at the top 5 hottest products for the 2023 summer.

So, here is what's happening...

The Latest Industry News

As it currently stands, Hawaii has no tax on vapor products, however, if the "tax parity" bill is signed into law by Governor Josh Green, Hawaii will face a 70% wholesale tax. For now, no one knows when the bill might be sent to Gov. Green, nor is anyone sure if he'll even sign it into law. Essentially, what the law will do is apply the same tax rate on vapor products as combustible or traditional cigarettes, and is being used to discourage underage vaping (although it isn't the right away to go about it). Hopefully, the tax bill will fail much like the recent attempt at banning flavored vaping products.

In an attempt to "reclaim its position as a world leader on tobacco control," Australia's government announced that it will ban the import of all vapor products sold without a prescription, which includes vape juice and hardware that do not contain any nicotine. To make it even worse for our Australian friends, the rules for prescription vaping products will be tightened. To add to the matter, vapor products that do not contain tobacco, such as tobacco-free nicotine, will not be allowed. To eliminate any sort of appeal, the vapor products also must be sold in plain packaging, much like pharmaceutical products. They don't just stop there. In fact, the Australian government also shared that it will reduce the nicotine strengths that are allowed and they're completely banning disposable vapes altogether. Wow, savages!

While this big piece of news was ignored by the media, us vaping advocates can celebrate the industry we're apart of and what it has done to help consumers stop smoking. Results of the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) were recently shared by the National Center for health Statistics (NCHS), which showed that the American adult smoking rate in 2022 significantly dropped. In fact, since health officials began measuring the smoking rate among adult Americans, it has dropped to its lowest. As you would expect, with that decline, the rate of adults who vape have increased.

Our Latest Company News

Ready yourselves for another sale, and it's happening soon! Mother's Day (5/14/23) is quickly approaching and you can expect Sunday to be filled with amazing deals on some of your favorite brands and products. Whether you're looking to surprise your mom with a thoughtful bouquet of delicious vape juice flavors or you simply want to take advantage of the Holiday deals, we've got plenty of great buys for that special day.

Tip: Mother's Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908. The day became an official U.S. holiday in 1914.

This month you can also look forward to Memorial Day, which is Monday, May 29. The same with every year, you can expect a Memorial Day Weekend Sale for you to enjoy even more deals. We're consistently looking forward to and preparing for Holidays to help you save more money on your favorite vape products.

Tip: Memorial Day was originally named Decoration Day. It is a day of remembrance for fallen U.S. soldiers and has been a federal holiday since 1971.

Top 5 Hottest Products Summer 2023

We've got some hot products just in time for summer, and we can't wait to show you them. Below we're listing the top 5 hottest products for summer in 2023, which includes disposable vapes and vape juice. These products are the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer, so don't pass them up!

NIC5 EDM Disposable Vape

The NIC5 EDM Disposable Vape is one of the latest and greatest devices to hit the market, and it's because of its small size, great performance, and high puff count. It's compact, very durable, and features an integrated battery that has a 10mL vape juice capacity. With a draw-activated firing mechanism, built-in mesh coil, and 5000 flavorful puffs to enjoy, this will be your best vape yet.


FLERBAR 8000 Disposable Vape

The FLERBAR 8000 Disposable Vape is easily one of the most impressive devices you've seen yet. It has a small size and a soft-touch finish, although it manages to house an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery. Alongside a draw-activated firing mechanism, a screen that displays battery and vape juice levels, and 8000 puffs to experience, you'll enjoy as many as 16 different flavor options.


Blueberry Donut by Loaded E-Liquid

Blueberry Donut by Loaded E-Liquid is a fascinating concoction of flavors that recreates the taste of a Blueberry Glazed Donut. The flavor offers an authentic taste and is sure to become one of your favorite treats to enjoy all throughout the day. You'll experience a delicious blend of blueberries, a glaze of sugar, and a donut flavor that tastes as if it was freshly baked.


Strawberry Cream Crepe by Loaded E-Liquid

Strawberry Cream Crepe by Loaded E-Liquid will blown your mind with its impressively complex arsenal of flavors. It mimics the taste of a strawberry and cream-filled crepe, loading your airways down with amazing tastes of strawberries, cream, and thin, freshly baked crepe. It provides a sweet, relaxing taste we're sure any of you would appreciate.


NKD Flavors DIY Freebase Vape Juice Bundle

The NKD Flavors DIY Freebase Vape Juice Bundle is a vape juice deal that allows you to combine your favorite Naked 100 flavors with a shot of freebase nicotine, giving you the ability to create your own formula. Simply choose your nicotine strength, your flavor, and you can mix your own vape juice in the matter of seconds.


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