Vape News May 2022

The Latest Vape News - May 2022

There is a lot of news that has unfolded in the world of vape for May, and we're here to spill the beans on exactly what's going on. If you've been waiting for the latest stories revolving around these beloved products, we've dug deep to find out what news has surfaced from the United States to Hong Kong.

So, here is what's happening...

The Latest Industry News

The first piece of news involves the FDA, as usual. While the Food and Drug Administration has discussed banning menthol-flavored cigarettes for as many as 12 years, last spring it announced that it plans to ban them, and flavored cigars. Just weeks ago, the FDA followed through with its first steps to making this ban happen by issuing a draft rule, which the public can comment on from May 4 to July 5. Fortunately, there weren't any further talks about banning menthol-flavored vapes or any further action taken on menthol-flavored vapes.

The next piece of news, of course, involves the FDA once again. As many of you are aware, the industry is tied up with the whole approval process when it comes to vaping products. Many of the products you're using today have yet to gain any type of approval, except for tobacco-owned companies that make products, such as Vuse. The Vuse is an unpopular brand and can often be found at gas stations, resting right beside tobacco cigarettes. The Vuse Vibe Power Units, Vuse Vibe Tank, Vuse Ciro Power Units, and Vuse Ciro Cartridges received approval, or authorization, yet the products you actually care about still sit in limbo.

To brighten your spirits with more cheerful news, our next piece of news is about a flavor ban that was stopped dead in its tracks for not only one state but two. Indeed, thanks to advocates, a flavor ban bill that was supported by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids issued in Colorado and Connecticut were stopped.

Unfortunately, our last piece of news isn't so bright or cheerful. In fact, the news is absolutely ridiculous. While our customers may not reside in Hong Kong, we as vapers all stand together in hopes that all people have the option to choose harm reduction products, no matter the country they reside. As unfortunate as it is to share, those that reside in Hong Kong will no longer have the option to choose vapor products or heated tobacco products as of April 30. This ban includes selling, manufacturing, importing, or promoting vaping and heated tobacco products. You guessed it... tobacco cigarettes remain legal. (SMH)

Our Latest Company News

Although the industry news has been up and down with its high points and low points, our company news remains consistent. While we don't necessarily celebrate National Lemonade Day (May 1), International Harry Potter Day (May 2), or even National Space Day (May 6), Mother's Day has just passed and we wanted to say "Happy Mother's Day" to the moms. What we have to look forward to next month is Father's Day, which we will be celebrating. Unfortunately, we won't have any sales for the many other observances, such as National Moonshine Day (June 2) or National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (June 7). To at least participate some, we can share some delicious chocolate-flavored vape juice, if that counts?







The Latest Product News

As always, the product news is where we shine most. If you haven't noticed already, our store is filled with tons of vape products, so you bet we'll have some product news to share. Like every month, we're adding even more products for you to enjoy, and in the month of May, we've got some sweet treats to share that may interest you. For instance, Vapetasia just released its new Grape, Grape Iced, Pango, and Pango Iced flavors, and they're available for purchase at West Coast Vape Supply now (Available in salt nicotine versions too!). We've also recently added the entire Ripe Collection, which will be available soon for purchase. Be sure to check the site frequently, as we're always adding new products!





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