Vape News January 2023

The Latest Vape News - January 2023

In this months latest news breakdown, we'll share both the good and bad news we've uncovered. The new year certainly brings in its fair share of news, ranging from a California in-store flavor ban to a spark in the world of DIY vape juice. There is certainly plenty to read and plenty to look forward to, so sit back and get ready to see what the start of the new year has to offer!

So, here is what's happening...

The Latest Industry News

Though we hate to start off with bad news, there is a silver lining. On December 21, a new law took effect in California that bans in-store sales of flavored vaping products and tobacco products. While there were attempts to block the law by R.J. Reynolds and retailers, ultimately the attempt failed. The law bans flavored vaping products that do or do not contain nicotine. It also includes any other flavored tobacco product, including lozenges, pouches, smokeless tobacco, menthol cigarettes, and small flavored cigars.

Flavor Ban

Note: Premium cigars, pipe tobacco, and hookah tobacco are all exempt from the new ban.

The silver lining is that the ban doesn't include any online sales of flavored vaping products. Essentially, you can continue buying your favorite flavored vape juice, but you'll have to buy it online only. Hopefully, you'll choose West Coast Vape Supply as your source for premium vape juice.

Our Latest Company News

We're not just filling orders, we're also coming up with creative ideas to continue to help our customers save... or earn money. We recently came up with a mutually beneficial way to help customers earn money by referring our store and products they've already purchased; something many of our supporters do already. If you want to earn some side cash to support your vaping budget, check out this recent blog here, where we introduce the new West Coast Vape Supply affiliate program.

New West Coast Vape Supply

To share even more company news, we would like to take this time to prepare you for an upcoming shock to your visuals. We've been hard at work in the back-end to revamp our website, and our entire in-house web development team are all excited for you to see what we've come up with. You'll see a completely new look, new navigation menu, larger headings, visually appealing text, and more. Stay tuned, these changes are happening soon!

The Latest Product News

We always have a consistent dose of new products to announce but we're even more excited to share the release of NKD Flavors DIY Vape Juice. It's a new product from Naked 100 that will bring out the "do-it-yourselfers" in us all. This product consists of flavors, which are paired with a salt nicotine base. With this DIY concept, you can enjoy Naked's expertly crafted flavors as they are or get creative and mix multiple flavors together. It's a simple way to make DIY vape juice without all of the complicated measuring, ratios, and mixing. Pour, shake, and done!

Read An In-Depth Look: NKD Flavors blog that we recently published to learn more.




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