West Coast Vape Supply Affiliate Program

Introducing The New West Coast Vape Supply Affiliate Program

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We've been brainstorming different ways to give back to our loyal customers, and what we've come up with is a mutually beneficial option that will open our store up to a wider audience and allow our customers to earn money by referring our store. In this blog, we're going to introduce the new West Coast Vape Supply affiliate program, so feel free to stick around and learn more about how you can earn money.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a classic arrangement that allows a business to outsource part of the sales process. The affiliate receives a commission for each sale they generate. In other words, when you promote our store and products with the result of a sale, you'll get paid!

Why Become An Affiliate?

Get Paid For Doing What You Already Do: There are several reasons why you should consider becoming an affiliate at West Coast Vape Supply. For starters, there is no extra work to you and you're simply doing what you already do, which is referring your friends and family to our store. A sizeable portion of our sales are generated by referrals, otherwise known as word-of-mouth. You'll be able to continue referring people to our store as you normally do, but instead, you'll use your special affiliate link, which binds you to the customer so that you'll get paid when they purchase a product.

Use Your Commission Earnings To Support Your Vaping: Another great reason to become an affiliate is to support your vaping. Constantly buying disposables, vape juice, and coils can definitely add up and get expensive. To relieve some of that extra expense, you can use your commission earnings to buy vaping products, or anything for that matter. Payments are deposited directly to your bank account, and obviously, you can do whatever you would like with your earnings.

Start A Review Blog or Publish YouTube Videos: As an affiliate, it makes a lot of sense to start a review blog or publish YouTube videos on the products that you use. Customers rely on product reviews to help them choose products, and by supplying your feedback, you're helping customers discover products you like, and you'll make money at the same time. Additionally, blogs and videos open a whole new world of possibilities for you to make money as a side hustle.

I started out writing reviews on a quick and cheap blog I created. I then monetized those reviews and the content I created by sharing my affiliate link, selling ad space and sponsored posts. I continued to do the same thing and grew the blog into a six-figure machine. It also opened up other opportunities, such as working with West Coast Vape Supply to help them create content for their customers. If I was able to do it, you can too!

Not everyone wants to take the time to write blogs or shoot videos, which is understandable. It isn't for everyone. For those of you that just want to earn money by just letting your friends and family know about us, simply sharing your affiliate link with them on social media could certainly do the trick. If you're already telling them where you buy your vape products, why not earn some cash from it too?

How Does It All Work?


It's an extremely simple process.

Sign up as an affiliate on the ShareASale network (ShareASale requires you to own a website, however, you can share the link to your YouTube channel or social profile and it may be accepted. Watch THIS video that runs through the process.)

Join the West Coast Vape Supply affiliate program and wait for approval.

Once approved, grab your special referral link to West Coast Vape Supply and share it!

The Fine Print Details

For each referral that results in a sale, you'll earn a 12% commission for the entire order. We've also set a 30-day gap, which means once someone buys something, if they return to our store and place another order within those 30 days, you'll receive a 12% commission for that entire order too!

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