NKD 100 Salt Review

NKD 100 Salt Review

NKD 100 Salt Review

In 2016 NKD 100 Salt took the vape industry by storm and has continued to do so to this day. The first brand to create a yogurt flavor ejuice blend -The Schwartz- and USA Vape Lab, the brand frequently released vape juices that are just bursting at the seams in flavor. NKD 100 has also been critical acclaimed world wide and are determined to only craft vape juice that have the best and most flavor. They now have salt nicotine vape juice available in their most exquisite flavors, NKD 100 Salt is available in 35mg and 50mg nicotine dose levels.

NKD 100 Salt by Naked 100

NKD 100 Salt Vape Juice Flavor Review

American Patriots

NKD 100 American Patriots

American Patriots brings you the flavor of rich tobacco with less chemicals than a cigarette or a cigar. With high quality ingredients you receive the full taste of the bittersweet tobacco with no gross aftertaste. As you inhale, a rich tobacco flavor fills your mouth and coats your tongue in its delightful flavors. With nic salt vape juice, you get a true throat hit with little to no harshness. As you exhale, the tobacco flavor leaves, leaving behind a true to taste flavor of tobacco that will hold you over until your next puff.

Amazing Mango

NKD 100 Amazing Mango

The creamy base of Amazing Mango salt nicotine juice is what truly holds it together. The succulent juicy peaches that will make your mouth water and the fresh mango flavor will be something from your wildest dreams! As you inhale the authentic taste of peaches grazes your tongue. Then, a mango flavor that is out of this world intertwines with the peaches to create a fusion that is mind blowing. As you exhale, the cream base of this juice will tie all the peachy mango flavor together in a flavor that will have you reaching for your juice until the very last drop! 

Brain Freeze

NKD 100 Brain Freeze

For those menthol fanatics out there, or just sweet fruit lovers, Brain Freeze salt nicotine juice was made for you. With tasty strawberries that taste as if they were just harvested, kiwis that will have your mind reeling, juicy pomegranate that is so true to taste you will be second guessing on if this is actually a vape juice, and just enough menthol to give a cooling affect. On the inhale, freshly harvested strawberries tangle with kiwis to create the perfect strawberry-kiwi flavor. A taste of fresh pomegranate then joins the strawberry kiwi to give it a slightly tart taste with all of that sweetness. On the exhale, a soothing menthol embraces your senses to complete this fusion of mind blowing flavors. 

Polar Breeze

NKD 100 Polar Breeze

NKD 100 Polar Breeze is for those menthol lovers and fruit fanatics out there. The combination of tangy pineapple, fresh honeydew, sweet cantaloupe, and the refreshing menthol base is something that no one has thought of before.  As you inhale, the tangy pineapple tingles across your taste buds in a tantalizing way. Delicious cantaloupe then soothes the tingling of the pineapple in the most delightful way. Fusing with the pineapple and cantaloupe, a sugary sweet honeydew flavor comes in but here is the kick, the sugary sweet flavor is all natural from the honeydew its self! As you exhale, the exhilarating rush of menthol caresses your senses instantly.

Green Blast

NKD 100 Green Blast

Fruit advocates and melon addicts rejoice! Green Blast is a nicotine salt vape juice that was made just for you. With sweet honeydew, fresh kiwis and crisp apples you can't go wrong with these luscious flavors. As you inhale your taste buds are greeting with the sweetness of ripe honeydew and fresh kiwis that taste just like the real thing. As you exhale, the sweetness merges with the crisp apple flavor that will leave your mouth watering. No juice in the community can compare to this trustworthy fruit flavored vape juice that has heads turning around the world. 

Hawaiian Pog

NKD 100 Hawaiian Pog

Are you passionate about vape juice and fruit? Hawaiian POG nicotine salt juice has just the right amount of passion for your flavor palate. With the invigorating flavors of passion fruit, guava, and the tang of oranges this juice is truthfully mind boggling. Quench your thirst with the sweet guava fusion of this salt nicotine juice. On the inhale of Brain Freeze, your desires will be fulfilled with the blending of sweet guava and tart passion fruit to create the perfect bittersweet flavor that will leave your taste buds trembling for more. On the exhale, a slight tangy sweet flavor of oranges soothes your tongue and will leave you longing for this flavor packed juice! 

Lava Flow

NKD 100 Lava Flow

Who would have thought that succulent strawberries, milky coconut, and sweet pineapple that leaves behind a tingling sensation that is to die for would create one of the most flavorsome juices in circulation? NKD did and it's called Lava Flow. As you inhale Lava Flow the impeccable salt nicotine juice, your taste buds will be jumping for joy as milky strawberries tingles the tongue. The best part about this vape juice is that the milky flavor comes from the coconut giving it a more refreshing taste than normal milky flavors. As you exhale, the pineapple will make you shiver with how it makes your taste buds tingle and how accurate the taste is. 

Really Berry

NKD 100 Really Berry

Berry devotees, there is finally a vape juice for you. Really Berry mixes blackberries that are ripe to perfection making them as sweet as can be, slightly sour blueberries just enough to make your lips pucker, and lemons coated in sugar to give them the sweetest flavor you can imagine. On the inhale of Really Berry, your taste buds are rushed with the flavors of perfectly ripened blackberries that are sweeter than your grandmother, and slightly sour blueberries that make your mouth water. On the exhale, sugar glazed lemons give you a tart sweetness that will awaken your taste buds and make them tingle. 

Very Cool

NKD 100 Very Cool

Berry flavors are always a great go to flavor, and Very Cool nicotine salt juice is no exception to that rule. With sour blueberries, sweet blackberries, tart raspberries, and just the underlying tone of menthol this juice will rock your world! As you inhale your new favorite juice, a rush of biting blueberries, nectarous blackberries and sharp raspberries will make your taste buds quiver. No juice has the flavor punch that this juice has packed into a tiny bottle. As you exhale, a comforting menthol flavor integrates with the other flavors to leave your taste buds sighing in relief that you've finally found a juice that satisfies you to the max. 

NKD 100 Salt vape juices are packed to the brim in flavor and now you can vape them on your pod systems! No other salt nic brand will bring you the satisfaction that NKD 100 does with the authentic flavors and genuine throat hits. Breathe a breath of fresh air and find your new favorite salt nicotine vape juice in rotation with NKD 100 nic salts today.

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Susan Blair

Susan Blair

Is everything fruity?? What about those of us who don:t want fruity.

Is everything fruity?? What about those of us who don:t want fruity.

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