Loaded Glazed Donuts

Loaded Glazed Donuts by Ruthless Vapor Review

Welcome to a deep dive into one of the most delectable e-juice flavors on the market, Loaded Glazed Donuts by Ruthless Vapor. If you're a fan of sweet, bakery-style vape juices, you're in for a real treat today. Ruthless Vapor has a reputation for creating high-quality, delicious e-liquids, and their Loaded Glazed Donuts is no exception. Let's unwrap this flavor-packed e-juice together and see what makes it stand out in the crowded world of vaping.

First Impressions

Upon first glance, the packaging of Loaded Glazed Donuts gives off a vibe of indulgence. The branding is sleek and straightforward, clearly showcasing the flavor profile you're about to enjoy. It's like walking into a bakery early in the morning, the air rich with the scent of freshly baked goods. The anticipation builds as you prepare to fill your tank or drip some of this viscous, golden liquid onto your coils.

Flavor Profile

The moment you take your first inhale, the taste of warm, freshly baked donuts coated in a sugary glaze washes over your palate. It's a comforting and familiar flavor, reminiscent of biting into a donut from your favorite local bakery. The sweetness is perfectly balanced, not overwhelming, but just enough to satisfy your dessert cravings. On the exhale, the doughy taste lingers, leaving a pleasant aftertaste that makes you want to come back for more.

Ruthless Vapor has managed to capture the essence of a glazed donut in liquid form, striking a perfect balance between the sweetness of the glaze and the hearty flavor of the donut itself. The result is an e-juice that doesn't taste artificial or overpowering, but rather like a genuine treat you'd enjoy with a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.

Loaded Eliquid

Cloud Production and Throat Hit

Loaded Glazed Donuts is available in various nicotine strengths, catering to both cloud chasers and those looking for a smoother vaping experience. The 70VG/30PG ratio ensures that you'll produce thick, dense clouds that fill the room with the sweet scent of glazed donuts. Despite the decadent flavor, the throat hit is surprisingly gentle, making it a great all-day vape for those who prefer a milder sensation.

Device Compatibility

This e-juice performs exceptionally well in a wide range of devices, from sub-ohm tanks to rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs). The consistency is just right, not too thick that it clogs your coils, but viscous enough to provide a satisfying vape. Whether you're using a high-wattage box mod or a more discreet pod system, Loaded Glazed Donuts delivers its full flavor profile without any compromises.


One concern with dessert-flavored e-juices is that they can become overwhelming or lead to "vaper's tongue," where the flavor becomes muted after prolonged use. However, Loaded Glazed Donuts manages to maintain its appeal over time. The flavor remains consistent, and the sweetness doesn't become cloying. It's a testament to Ruthless Vapor's expertise in flavor crafting, ensuring that vapers can enjoy their favorite treat without getting tired of it.


In the vast sea of e-juice flavors, Loaded Glazed Donuts by Ruthless Vapor stands out as a remarkable achievement in flavor accuracy and vaping experience. It offers a perfect escape for those who love sweet, bakery-style flavors without the calories. The balance between the sweetness of the glaze and the doughy flavor of the donut is masterfully achieved, creating an e-juice that's both indulgent and satisfying.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper looking for something new to add to your rotation or a newcomer searching for that perfect dessert flavor, Loaded Glazed Donuts is worth a try. It's a comforting, familiar taste that brings a little bit of joy with each puff, making it a standout choice in Ruthless Vapor's impressive lineup.

So, if you're craving the taste of a sweet, glazed donut without the trip to the bakery, give Loaded Glazed Donuts by Ruthless Vapor a shot. It's a flavor journey that's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and elevate your vaping experience to delicious new heights.


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