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Limitless 200W Box Mod Review

by Alham Benyameen October 19, 2016

Welcome to our review about the new Limitless Box Mod. This is a relatively new product and is a 200W temperature controlled Box Mod, giving users the ability to choose how they like to vape and adjust the temperature accordingly. Let’s start with the look and feel of the Limitless Box Mod. The Limitless Box Mod feels really good in your hand, it’s obvious that the designers tried to put a lot of thought into the mod, and how it will feel for vapers, creating a comfortable and ergonomic box mod that is easy to use, without being uncomfortable, even after using it all day. The look of the Limitless Box Mod is pretty cool, featuring a great color scheme and design. The Limitless Box Mod is made out of a high-quality Zinc Alloy, making it strong and durable, yet still maintaining the low weight of the box mod.

The Limitless Box Mod takes two 18650 batteries, which are easily accessible via the removable plate, making it easy to swap out batteries on the go. There is one small difference with the Limitless Box Mod; you can also remove the front plates! Why? This box mod features front plates that are interchangeable; now you can change the look of your Limitless Box Mod, quickly and easily. So far, Limitless Mod offers four separate Chief Plate designs, Skull Chief, The Aztec, Green Bandana, and the Rainbow Bandana. News from the company says to keep your eyes out; there are more options on the way.

There are some great technical features that come along with the Limitless 200W Box Mod, which will give vapers, even more, control over how they vape. It features a custom chip that allows vapers to switch from soft, standard, or powerful firing modes. It has a temperature control feature we already spoke about and supports Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Nickel wires. All in all, the Limitless 200W Box Mod is a great setup and offers users a lot of choices when it comes to how they vape

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Alham Benyameen
Alham Benyameen

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