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How To Save Money on Naked Vape Juice

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Okay, let’s be honest. Switching from smoking to vaping has significantly reduced your overall expenditure. This is especially true since the price of vape devices and e-liquids has lowered in the past few years, thanks to product saturation. Undoubtedly, it is human nature to want more, hence the genesis of this piece. It highlights tips you can utilize to save money on Naked Vape Juice - the top e-liquid in the market - from West Coast Vape Supply, the leading online vape store. So, if you enjoy top-tier vape juice but still want to leave your pocket with some bucks, this piece is for you. Let’s begin…

About Naked 100

Naked 100 is an established, reputable vape brand under USA Vape Lab with over ten years of experience in the industry. The company is best known for its line of premium, authentic e-liquids that have become a staple for thousands of vapers across the globe. Naked 100 started with eight delicious flavors commonly referred to as the original lineup. Over time, the brand diversified its line of vape juices to include creamy, menthol, ice, fusion, and tobacco flavors to meet the needs of different consumers. The brand’s dedication to producing quality products has placed it above the competition. 

Money-Saving Tips on Naked Vape Juice

#1. Naked Vape Juice Bundles

Naked Vape Juice Bundle

WCVS offers vape juice bundles that feature multiple vape juice brands, including Naked 100. The juice bundles allow you to purchase more for less. This, in turn, enables you to fill your arsenal of vape juice without leaving a dent in your pocket. The bundle features the entire collection of Naked 100 vape juice, ranging from the original lineup to the tobacco and ice flavors. It allows you to choose your preferred flavors and nicotine strength. The bundles come with a discount percentage, ranging from 47% to 49%, one of the highest discounts you will come across. Below is a table highlighting the bundle deals currently available;

Name of bundle 

Total mls

flavors to choose from

Nicotine strength available 

Percentage discount 

Naked vape juice pick 3 bundle


Lava flow, lava flow ice, melon kiwi, hawaiian pog, hawaiian pog ice, mango, mango ice, all melon, really berry, strawberry pom, berry, straw lime, Maui sun, lemon, strawberry fusion, strawberry cream, American patriots, banana, Azul berries, pineapple berry, Cuban blend, and euro gold.

0%, 3%, 6%, and 12%


Naked vape juice menthol pick 3 bundle


Strawberry pom, melon, berry, hawaiian pog ice, and lava flow ice

0%, 3%, 6%, and 12%


Naked 100 salt menthol pick 3 bundle 30ml 


Very cool, brain freeze, and polar breeze

35mg and 50mg


Naked vape juice pick 7 bundle


Lava flow, lava flow ice, melon kiwi, hawaiian pog, hawaiian pog ice, mango, mango ice, all melon, really berry, strawberry pom, berry, straw lime, Maui sun, lemon, strawberry fusion, strawberry cream, American patriots, banana, Azul berries, pineapple berry, Cuban blend, and euro gold.

0%, 3%, 6%, and 12%


Naked vape juice fusion pick 3 (60ml) bundle


Straw lime, lemon, and strawberry fusion

0%, 3%, 6%, and 12%



Naked 100 salt nicotine 30ml pick 3 bundle


Lava flow, green blast, Hawaiian pog, amazing mango, really berry, frost bite, very cool, American patriot, and brain freeze.

35mg and 50mg



#2. Check The Deals Page

The WCVS website has a page dubbed ‘hot deals’ featuring a collection of products offered at discounts. This page gains you access to multiple products at lower prices. Here, you will find vape juices, disposable vapes, and accessories. 

#3. Buy In Bulk

Bulk purchases are cheaper compared to buying one item per time. This is because you save money you would otherwise use to pay the shipping fees each time you make a purchase. Additionally, WCVS offers free shipping for orders above 100. This makes purchasing Naked vape juice in bulk much cheaper than per unit. 

#4. Utilize Coupons

Coupons offer a convenient and easy way to acquire your favorite Naked 100 vape juice flavors at a reduced cost. The coupons provide a cash reduction or a percentage off the original price. WCVS gives out hundreds of promotion codes throughout the year that you can redeem while purchasing. Some of these coupons are product-specific, and others are general. You can keep track of these codes from our Promo Codes and Coupons page and by subscribing to our newsletter. 

#6. Check The Website During Special Holidays and Events

Black Friday

Online stores regularly offer discounts, free giveaways, and deals during special holidays like Christmas, Halloween, 420, and Independence Day. Black Friday is one of the top events where companies go wild and provide unbeatable deals and discounts. Checking the website during these holidays allows you to take advantage of the lowered prices.

About West Coast Vape Supply

WCVS is a Las Vegas-based company specializing in the retail and wholesale sale of premium vape products. The online store works with reputable, trustworthy products in an effort to provide consumers with safe alternatives to smoking. Since its inception in 2013, West Coast Vape Supply has steadily become the leading vape store in America and beyond. 

This is because it utilizes vape products, e-commerce, economics, and finance experts to create a dynamic, functional business. WCVS is the go-to store for top-tier products at pocket-friendly prices. Its product inventory includes vape juice, disposable vapes, box mods, vape pens, vape mods, vape coils, cartridges, and sub-ohm tanks. WCVS supplies these products to retail member, smoke shops, and vape shops globally.

Take away 

There is no reason you shouldn’t save a couple of bucks while enjoying top-quality Naked 100 vape juice. The West Coast Vape Supply store offers multiple bundles, deals, discounts, and opportunities that allow you to purchase vape products at reduced prices throughout the year. Visit the site today and enjoy a comprehensive collection of Naked 100 vape juice flavors, ranging from Hawaiian pog to strawberry fusion, brain freeze, American patriot, amazing mango, and many more.

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