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Four Reasons Why People Love Vape Juice Bundles

Over the last decade, vape juice has become a massive market. Throughout that time, retailers have been searching for incentives to help pull consumers closer to their products. The number one incentive that has stuck around and gained the most popularity is vape juice bundles. Despite how great they are, there are still thousands of consumers that aren’t taking advantage of them, so we’re shining some light on the situation by sharing the four reasons why people love vape juice bundles. And hopefully, this article reaches someone out there that could really use the savings during this holiday season.

Why People Love Vape Juice Bundles

Significantly Lowered Pricing

Until you’ve seen it for yourself, you may not give it much attention, or you may even be a bit skeptical. However, vape juice bundles at West Coast Vape Supply are incredibly cheap. The prices have been lowered significantly, allowing you to explore more vape juice at lower costs. These vape juice bundles are scattered throughout the store so that for each brand or category you visit, there is a bundle awaiting to help you save even more than the already low pricing that exists. There are many great bundles to take advantage of that are remarkably cheap, such as the $4.99 Mystery Vape Juice Bundle for 100mL of vape juice, the $37.99 Naked Vape Juice Pick 3 Bundle for 180mL of vape juice, and the $37.99 Candy King Pick 3 100mL Bundle for 300mL of vape juice. There are many vape juice bundles to explore at the lowest prices online.

Longer Times Between Orders

When you buy in bundles, you can enjoy your delicious flavors for even longer. Choosing a 3-pack, 5-pack, or even 7-pack can greatly increase the time between orders. Often times, vapers will buy a bottle online and wish they would have gone ahead and bought another bottle. How many times have you run out of vape juice with nothing as a backup? The feeling is painful, especially when you rely on your vape to get you throughout the day. If you want to avoid the frustration and wouldn’t mind the longer times between orders, one of our bundled deals is definitely what you will want.

Opening Your Flavor Palate

A lot of the time vapers are stuck on one particular flavor, and for some reason, you can’t seem to shake it. In fact, most times you aren’t even open to trying something new, exploring the full range of flavors that exist, and we totally understand. You are set in your ways and have found an all-day-vape juice. While that is perfectly fine, you must understand that there are millions of flavor combinations that exist, and we guarantee there is something out there that you would enjoy even more than what you currently vape. However, the only way to explore these wonderful flavor creations is to start opening your flavor palate. The best way to do this is to buy vape juice bundles. Choose a flavor you know you’ll like, choose a flavor that you think you’ll like, and to get a little adventurous, choose a flavor that you wouldn’t normally try. Who knows, you may find something to replace what you’re currently vaping.

Sharing Is Caring

One of the most common reasons why people love vape juice bundles is because the bundle allows them enough vape juice to share. When you buy a 3-pack bundle, choose two flavors for yourself and surprise a friend or loved one with another bottle. From the time we were crawling, we were taught that sharing is caring, and that still holds true today. The prices of vape juice bundles have been reduced enough, you’re getting an overwhelming amount of vape juice, and if you have a friend or loved one that vapes, what is a better way to surprise them than with a delicious bottle of vape juice? If you’re on a budget, go in halves with a friend and buy a 5-pack or 7-pack bundle and split the delicious tastes among yourself.


Vape juice bundles are great all around. There are many reasons why people love them. They’ve become especially popular during the stressful year of 2020, whether it is to alleviate the stress, to avoid the frustrating mailing system by making fewer orders, or to save money when buying vape juice. If you are looking for the best bundle deals online, we urge you to check out our bundles that are available as regular vape juice bundles and nicotine salt bundles.

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